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  1. We just did a simple sweetheart cake. Our pick and choose came with dessert, and like you thought $400 for a cupcake tower was ridic!! We figured since we couldn't freeze the cake and take it home with us, no point going crazy with extra dessert. And the dessert they provided was delish!
  2. We handed ours out to all of Our guests. The WC can give you a list of all your guests room numbers, and we took a few with us around when we knew guests were arriving and delivered ourselves. Saved us money and was nice to meet up with guests as they arrived.
  3. As far as your cocktail hour, they will have your reception all set up for you already. If you don't mind having the cocktail the same as reception, I'm sure they will let you keep it. We had our cocktail hour on the beach and really enjoyed the spot. We had some photos done right there on the beach, and still enjoyed plenty of time with our friends and family. Hope this helps!!
  4. We had or reception here....it is just as beautiful in person! We brought our own lanterns with us? We had 20 altogether (5large 16" blue, 5 small 10" white, 5 large white, 5 small blue). We ordered them from paperlanternStore.com. We got the ones with lights attached to save hassle of trying to make our own led lights. We opted away from adding white Christmas lights. Between pool lights, and 4small candle votives per table, these lit up the area well. We paid $140 with shipping, opposed to Lomas who charges just that for 4 white plain ones. We had the pool behind our sweetheart table and Behind the reception. I'm not sure if they will allow you to out anything in it. We did use the pool at the end for a great pic of our bridal party jumping in, little did we know all the wedding guests decided to join us. Great time, and great photos....but security wasn't to thrilled.... They do not like swimming after hours in pool. Bringing down the lanterns wasn't to bad either. Not sure what airlines you are using, but we took United and were allowed to each check in a bag for free. One bag was devoted to lanterns and batteries. Lanterns come folded up, and all fit in a large suitcase. We even had wedding staff put batteries in for us. Just pack fishing line, and they will take care of it all. Happy planning!!!
  5. When you meet with your WC in Mexico they will ask you of you want one, and when to serve it.
  6. During the whole planning process we actually forgot to get everyone's orders. We sent out a mass email, very informal, I know, but nonetheles effective. Once we had everything I sent over to our WC. I kept a list of table arrangements and menu choices to make it easier on our servers.
  7. We had to ask ahead of time, was supposed to be 30 days, but I gave it to them 2 weeks before and they were okay with it.
  8. They make you extra regardless of steaming, but they rushed ours and took my dress and his suit night before. We paid $25 altogether for both (gown, suit pants, suit jacket, dress shirt, and tie). Our weddings was a Saturday, they took it Friday afternoon/ early evening and returned it between 10am and 12pm next day. They will take it sooner too for you if you like.
  9. It may depend on how many guests yu have and how private you would like your reception. Although we had a DW, we still wanted a DJ and the outdoor location so we had to do private. We had 50 guests and enjoyed our provate reception. We did have a rehearsal dinner at Spoon, it was sit down, but we had a curtain separating our party from the rest of diners, including a kids character dinner. We had all the background nise of the restaurant, and you are not allowed a dj inside the restaurants.
  10. Our WC was Erika Lopes and she was amazing. She made the planning so stress free. She always replied quickly through email and we,comes phone calls. She answered every question honestly and even gave recommendations to help us save money. If you feel the need to switch ask for her. You have enough to worry about with planning you don't need a flighty WC!
  11. We used lomas dj. We did not want to pay extra for outside fee. They did an amazing job. We had awesome music (everything we requested), glow in dark bracelets, bubble and fog machines and more. They did a fantastic job.
  12. We used Matias Cano, very professional, constant communication up until wedding. Will post proofs when get a chance. We loved them and highly recommend them.
  13. We had the sand ceremony, we did not pay extra it was part of our legal ceremony, and they provide sand and bottle for you.
  14. Hi ladies!!! We just returned from our wedding/ honeymoon at Azul Sensatori/ El Dorado Maroma. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing our wedding day was. The wedding crew at AS went above and beyond for us. We had the silver package with Sky Wedding deck. We had our rehearsal dinner at Spoon. They separated us from everyone else with a nice 4 course sit down meal with 2 entree choices. They were very accommodating with allergies and vegetarians. We had our ceremony at the Sky wedding deck because it was more private, and was worth the extra money!! We also had a cocktail hour on the beach with a mariachi band. Our reception was outside at the Zavas Plaza. We brought our own lanterns to be hung up, and maracas as favors. AS set up everything including lanterns, favors, table cards, table numbers, guest book etc. for $150. Some people have been said to have been charged more. We did the pick 2 menu and chose the petit filet mignon and lobster or half herb roasted chicken. The pick 2 gave us thenoption of choosing the food instead of a set menu. Both were amazing!!! The DJ was AS's dj and mc and they were awesome. They had all the music we requested, and followed the detail sheet to a tee. Our photographers were Matias Cano and they did a fantastic job. (hopefully pics posted soon). They showed us shots as we took them and captured our special moments without being constantly In our face. We wanted more candid, action shot opposed to poses. We did do the tradition poses but did not want everything to be a set pose. We felt very comfortable with them taking pictures and cannot wait to see our proofs. The next day we had our brunch at Zolalo restaurant. Various breakfast and lunch dishes brought out served in different courses opposed to buffet. We paid separate for the sky deck, cocktail hour, and private dinner. Everything else was included. I had my hair, nails, and makeup done by Raquel in the spa. I showed her a pic of an updo and wanted natural makeup. She did a fantastic job. Subtle eye makeup that still made my eyes pop, and makeup was not caked on at all. She was spot on with my hair style and even added clip in extensions I brought for more volume. Whoever is getting married here you will not be disappointed. The rooms, food, and attention from start to finish of our stay and wedding was beyond amazing. We had our honeymoon at El Doroado Maroma, so we can have a more intimidate stay and also ur guests mdidnt feel rushed to leave. We left the day after our wedding and stayed an extra 6 nights. They included the same honeymoon amenities that AS provided, breakfast in bed, candlelit dinner, spa credit. , it was wonderful. Good luck to all future brides, it will be more than you could ever dream of!!! And congrats to past brides!!!
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