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  1. The rooms are set up the same, but the glass is frosted so no one can see through to the living room area. It will be open from the bathroom doorway, but unless you go back to the bathroom entry way you wont be able to see anything. It's private. I had a lot of guests that were rooming together that were not couples and we were worried about it, but everyone was ok with it.
  2. Congrats! We were there the week before you and had NO issues with mosquitos except when we had dinner on the Chez Isabelle terrace. I think the mosquitos are only a problem in the higher areas? It was crazy.. in the 10 days we were there, we only saw mosquitos there. I'm glad your wedding went well! So happy for you!
  3. I hope I didn't freak anyone out. I just wanted to let everyone be aware that you may have to be flexible on your big day. Like I said previously.. as soon as the wedding actually started.. it was PERFECT!!! I just highly highly recommend that you make your own time line and NOT depend on the wedding planner to keep things running smoothly. Thank you all for the sweet comments! To answer a few questions... the wind was crazy.. don't wear your hair down! I had an updo (Sonia did mine and it was beautiful and exactly what I asked for) The wind had even messed up my overly hairsprayed updo. My bridesmaids helped me fix all the loose pieces before the reception started. I would check your bag that they return to your room right away. We did not get all out items back either. The only thing I actually wanted back was a silver cake server my Mom had engraved for us. They managed to lose that. I spoke with the guest services and they reimbursed us for it so my Mom is able to replace it for us. I was really sad about that getting lost. You will have have wonderful weddings! Have fun, because it really does go by extremely fast!
  4. Thank you!!! We had 27 guests.. I did the gold package, I never got my wedding planner. I have my receipt from the wedding I would be happy to tell you what things cost... just let me know what you need. I just posted a couple of pics the guests took. Still waiting oh so patiently for the professional ones!
  5. I wanted to meet you!!! We saw you get married from our balcony.. you looked beautiful!
  6. Hi Ladies! We just got back a couple days ago from our wedding/honeymoon. The place was FANTASTIC!!! We were married April 28th. I have to say that EVERYTHING went wrong up until the moment I walked down the aisle. Once everything started, the wedding was beautiful and everyone had an amazing time. We never met our wedding planner.. she didn't bother to show up. We dealt with Lleny who honestly messed everything up... things would have ran so much better if we would have just done things ourselves. An hour before the ceremony was to start, she delivered our flowers. I tried so hard not to cry when she brought them in. We had met with her 2 days before to go over final details.. I told her our colors were pinks and purples..I wanted hot pinks and all shades of purple and that I wanted those colors for all the flowers. I specifically said I did not want any white flowers in the bouquets because LOVE color and didn't want it to blend in with my dress. She brought me white, baby pink and... dyed TURQUOISE roses. The combination looked horrific. I was trying to be nice and I told although the flowers were "nice" they were NOT the colors that we discussed in our meeting... she literally SHRUGGED! She continued to show me the other flowers.. my husband was supposed to have a hot pink boutonieer... instead it was ivory. The flowers for the cake were supposed to be hotpink... instead they were half dead looking ivory orchids. I again tried to tell her that I wanted hotpink and she said... "there is light pink in the middle of the flower" She never even attempted to work with me. She walked out of my room and left me there with the most hideous looking flowers. I calmly called my Mom and she came running to the rescue. She called Lleny and told her we had a problem and that she needed to fix the colors. Lleny told my Mother that I said I loved the flowers and that I told her they were perfect. I think once she accused me of lying, I had had enough. She came back to the room and tried telling me that no one had pink flowers. that all I could get was ivory. I was furious at that point... It takes so much to get me angry. I refused the ivory and told her that I wanted nothing but pink or purple. She seemed extremely annoyed with me. At this point, I didn't care, I think when you have been communicating exactly what you want for 14 months, you should be able to get what you ask for. Especially when it was verified two days before. My suggestion is that YOU keep all the wedding items you bring with you and appoint one of your people to set things up. Things would have went so much more smooth if we would have had our own timeline and set things up ourselves. She forgot everything we gave her for our wedding... our usher had to track her down and get everything for our ceremony. She didn't set up anything for our sand ceremony, our programs, our flowers, the guys boutonieers were never delivered. Our wedding was over a half an hour late because no one could find her, and she had all our flowers and everything with her. During this time, the curtains blew off of the bamboo arch on the beach, so my groom and one of our groomsmen were using a safety pin and a rock to nail the thing down! I have to say, I am so thankful that I was only dealing with the flower issues up in my room and that I didn't know what was happening on the beach, I would have probably had a real meltdown. We used Juan Navarro for our photographer and all I can say is WOW!!! He was SO helpful and amazing. Lleny forgot to come and get me in the room before the ceremony, Juan was the one who called her and told her she forgot her bride... he also ran out and got the post cards for our reception guest book that lleny was supposed to bring.. but never did. Not to mention the PICTURES!!! He is a real artist. I can't wait to get all of them so I can show you how beautiful it turned out. I know it sounds like I am complaining... I can honestly say, once our wedding started, it was perfect... Our best friend officiated the wedding and it was incredible, the flowers were delivered and miraculously.. they DID have pink and purple flowers... I was even ok with the occassional white rose in the mix. The waitstaff at the reception went above and beyond! They were so nice! We also had DJ Mannia.. he was great!!! Played exactly the kind of music we love. We had a ton of guest compliment us on the music choices. At the end of the reception (it was cut almost an hour short because Lleny was so late ,that was the biggest bummer of all) We set off sky lanterns... which if any of you future brides have plans to take them... you no longer can. We are probably to blame for that! SO SORRY!!! The wind carried them off and it set field fires! They were able to put them out! lol I would be happy to answer any questions you might have... like I said... the wedding was beautiful.. we had a great time... and more importantly... our guests were not aware of the issues we had. For any future brides, make sure you stand your ground when it comes to what you want. And don't be afraid to speak up!! It will all work out in the end..because at the end of the day, you get to marry your best friend..
  7. We should meet up!! We are arriving around 2pm tomorrow too I'll be the chick with a million bags, a wedding dress.. I hope all your plans run smooth and you have safe travels!
  8. If it makes you feel any better, I am in the same boat. I emailed her 3 days ago telling her that I wanted my wedding planner with prices before we left and that it was not professional to have brides stressing at the last minute when we were told it would be given to us 30 days in advance. I guess I will cross my fingers things are the price we were expecting. We leave at 3am tomorrow, I'm so excited to get down there!!!
  9. I went here last April with my MOH to check out the resort. It is more of a laid back "romantic" resort. They have a night club, but I doubt you can fit that many people in there. If I remember right, it closes at 1am. My MOH and I love night life, but you won't find too much of that here.
  10. I am so excited and so overwhelmed right now! We are leaving for EPM in 6 days!!!! Our wedding is in 9!!! I haven't heard back from N yet. I am hoping that I will at least get my wedding planner sent to me before we leave. I don't want any surprises when it comes to costs. I am a little concerned about the sky lanterns that we are taking. We are going to check them, I just don't want them to take them away! That is what I am looking forward to the most! (besides getting a new husband! haha) I have decided to try to not stress over anything from here on out because the past two brides have been kind enough to reassure us! At the end of the day, I am marrying my best friend and flowers, cake and place settings won't matter. Good luck to all the upcoming new brides!
  11. Congrats! I am only two weeks before you!!! (April 28, 2012) I think your welcome bags sound awesome. It sounds like plenty to me! I was told that the bouquets are wrapped with a ribbon, however I am taking one for my bouquet just in case. I am attaching a brooch onto mine for my "something old, borrowed, blue" Its my grandmothers who can't attend the wedding...
  12. Thanks Sharon99! These are great quetions and some of the ones I wanted to know. I have to work during the webinar and I am having my fiance do this.. I am sure I will be asking the other EPM brides that listen in a few questions! haha
  13. I love the cake! I was wondering about the ribbon too. I am going to bring ribbon just in case. I figured for $3, I might as well. I asked N about that and never got a response...
  14. You look amazing! I loved your wedding pictures! You made a beautiful bride! Congrats to you both! We are heading there in 2 weeks and I will admit I am so nervous about all the details. I know it will be great no matter what little hiccups come up along the way. Thanks for the details and all the info!
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