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  1. cute earrings! here's another starfish jewelry set: http://www.sandsationalsparkle.com/Starfish-Earring-Set-8502_p_13017.html http://www.sandsationalsparkle.com/Starfish-Necklace_p_14103.html
  2. Here's one: Bride and Groom's name... Your love holds the key.
  3. these will be dreamy, especially in a beach setting!
  4. Here are some great gift ideas: http://www.sandsationalsparkle.com/-Groomsmen_c_498.html http://www.sandsationalsparkle.com/-Bridesmaids_c_493.html
  5. other alternatives include: for the ring bearer: a treasure chest a nautilus shell a teddy bear for the flower girl: colorful pinwheels banners http://www.sandsationalsparkle.com/Celebrations-Custom-Banner_p_11779.html
  6. Here are some ideas: http://www.sandsationalsparkle.com/Fleece-Blanket--Personalized--In-Various-Colors_p_1874.html http://www.sandsationalsparkle.com/Black-Accessory-Case_p_1890.html http://www.sandsationalsparkle.com/Camo-Travel-Mug-_p_15334.html
  7. Having their photos on your bouquet is a great idea. Another one would be to assign seats for them and put their pictures on those seats during the ceremony. You can also have wedding photographs of the both of you with the seats.
  8. that is one lovely way to wear the veil. Wonder where these hair flowers are from?
  9. these blinged up hair flowers are just lovely. fabulous idea!
  10. I'm sure the JOP won't mind adding this to the ceremony. To make things easier, have your preferred readings in hand. If you're traveling, it's best to get a unity sand ceremony kit that's great for traveling like this:
  11. I'm loving the vintage cuffs like these: My BMs can wear them for other occasions.
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