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  1. Hey all!!! We got back this weekend from our wedding. OMG it was everything we could have asked for and some. I dont even know where to begin with a review!!! The resort was AMAZING and the people there are AMAZING as well!! All you brides have nothing to worry about. It will all work out PERFECT
  2. Thanks so much for this info. Maybe we will just do something simular.. Im glad your wedding was perfect!! You have to post pics soon We leave in 2 days!!!
  3. We leave in 3 days!!! OMG im so ready Question for you brides.. On the day of the wedding I really dont want my FH to see me at all.. He will be sleeping in another room the night before the wedding. Now since our wedding is 5pm.. Do any of you have suggestions on what to send the guys to do? All of us girls will be eating breakfast, hair, makeup, talking and of course a couple drinks. We thought about sending them Marlin Fishing its from 9-1.. BUT... what if the boat breaks down or something? lol THen all my guys are stuck at sea.. Please advise what any of you ladies might have done or are planning on doing Thanks so much
  4. OMG same thing with me. Although I was trying to lose the weight but when I stopped working out I guess my body wasnt done losing it. I am meeting a freinds mom tonight who is a retired seemstress and she said she would love to help me out.. Cross my fingers it works out. we leave in 10 days.. Yikes
  5. 24 days and we leave for DPA!!! Just had my bridal shower this weekend and it made it that much more surreal..
  6. I have tried to contact the WC and im not getting anything back.. Does ANYONE know how tall the front beams are on the gazebo? and how wide the beam is that goes accross?? Were trying to do our own decorations but I just cant tell from pictures.. any help works Thanks!!!
  7. We did a photobook with our engagment pictures... Then we will have everyone sign it thats coming to Mexico!!!
  8. Your the second twinsie I found The other is actually at the same resort as me.. so Her and I plan on having a good time!!! We fly in on the 12th.. and most our party flys with us.. We have some flying from Seattle, San and MSP...Majority gets in the 12th and throughout the 15th.... How exciting!!! Hows all the planning thus far?? We actually almost chose Tulum.. It was between the two resorts
  9. We have the same wedding date and getting married not to far from one another.. When do you guys fly in?? Long ride from Cancun...
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