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  1. Does anyone have the menus (Appetizer A, B & C) for the IRHB they wouldn't mind sending to me? Thank you!
  2. Could you please send me the script as well? stephanie.d.friedman@gmail.com Thank you!
  3. LOVE the flowers. I'm doing an adaptation of this as well. Sorry, I'm a lurker from Dec 2011 since I can't find any other brides from this month. Y'all are so prepared already! I'm not anywhere close to where I need to be and my date is just around the corner. =)
  4. Angela, These are GORGEOUS! I'm also having SAAB photography at my wedding in December and I'm so excited. Photography is the most important thing of the wedding so I can't even thank you enough for letting us look through your pictures. Thank you for reassuring us about Silvia and the Beach. I may have to email you a few questions. Thank you again for sharing!
  5. Awesome, congrats! What time?? I may have to come and sneak a peek. Or we could have a quick toast.
  6. R, I just joined last week so I'm looking forward to this tradition!!
  7. Hi Kimberli!! So exciting! We are going to change our reservations to stay at the Suites until our wedding then move to the Grand afterward and stay a few more days. I need to really focus and get everything in order because I have been major slacking. For a destination, care-free wedding I sure feel like I have one million things to do, lol.
  8. Yay, I'm so excited I finally got moderator approval so I can start posting and it will actually show up, lol. My name is Stephanie and my fiance and I are getting married 12/3/11 at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach. These boards have been SO helpful so far. Even after I spent a good 10 hours reading through all 300+ plus pages. I feel like I "know" some of you since I've been a lurker for the longest. No creeper, promise. Looking forward to many more discussions.
  9. Are you kidding me right now??? I die over these photos. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations, it looked like you had an amazing time.
  10. Beautiful, beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!!
  11. Thank you ladies for all of the wonderful resources!! Beautiful photos, I'm so excited!
  12. Hey ladies!! We are getting marries 12/3/11 at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I can't wait to see everyone's pictures! Looking forward to getting to know each other!
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