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  1. Hi Girls! We are back from the Moon Palace, we had a great trip and didn' want to come home! We had the Catholic Wedding in the Immaculate Conception Chapel, I would not have changed a thing, it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen! Here is the link to our video it was done by the resort, however their version was 1 hour long. I had my video guy here in NJ re edit to 4 min for my reception on Saturday. http://youtu.be/_i9zTTYH41k Please feel free to ask any questions.
  2. Are any brides going to be there from 10/19-10/26? We are having a catholic ceremony on Oct 22nd. I am hoping also everything goes well. I sent Marvin my selections but have not hear back yet....my nerves are shot. I am using by Bose portable docking station for my coctail. It has great out output in the summer during back yard parties I'm sure it would work great for the cocktail hour. We have 25 guest and are doing the dinner reservation opposed ton the reception, at the Arreficies Brazilian grill...they have a semi private outdoor terrace. hopefully everything works out!
  3. I was wondering if you still have any items left, I am in Beachwood NJ and am also having a destination wedding and at home reception. I may be able to use some of your items. Please let me know. Thanks!
  4. HI Girls, does anyone have Marvins email address for flowers. I'd really appreciate it, I can't seem to find the thread with his info. Thanks!!
  5. The cost is about 275.00 for a single speaker with a iod hook up. Hope this helps.
  6. They did the same to me until i requested the outside vendors, we are just bringing an ipod and using the speaker system and ipod hook up with the Mic. It should be fine, were having about 30 people.
  7. Here is some info girls.... I'm forwarding this email to Katya Nava, as I promised , she is from Smile Market by Kodak, Katya would you be so kind to help Kristie pick up the photo & video services the might best suit her needs? The two companies that work with us for soundsystem or dj services are JSAV (Carlos Almeida carlosa@jsav.com) and PSAV (Mauricio Moncada mmoncada@psav.com). Please contact them to get more info about their services. For decoration please contact Katie katie@decocancun.com, she is from Zuñiga, she'll be more than happy to help you pick up anything you need. Finally, about the shows and live music, as I told you a 45 minute set of Mariachi is $580 USD, and for example the Fire Show, a 45 minute set, is $800USD.
  8. Does anyone know if the Vernado Terrace is near the Catholic Chapel, we are having our ceremony there and wanted something close by an on the water that would make for sense for us during the coctail hour... Thanks!
  9. Please find Christina's answers to my questions in purple. Garden Terrace next to Chapel Venado Terrace 1) Can you please send me pictures of the different terraces for my coctail hour? I have only available a garden and a terrace for your cocktail the garden is next to the gazebo that the wedding will be held please find the picture attached 2) With the diamond package can I get complimentary bouquet instead if the bouquet offered in the diamond package? If so, is it free of charge? Yes you can roses or lilies either or does please let me know which flowers do you like 3) Can you please send me the menus for buffet, plated, cocktail hour? They were not included in the spreadsheet you sent me. Sure please find attached, just remember for platted dinner have to be indoors and see below the example HORS D'OEUVRES 2009-2010 (SEP 09).pdf
  10. Hi Ladies, It would be great to get together with some other BDW Brides from our area and share ideas wedding info etc.... Please PM me if your interested or post here, I think Woodbridge, NJ is a great place to meet up some Saturday night: Jose Tejas in Woodbridge, NJ How about 4/16 @ 7pm??
  11. Hi Do you have the bubble gum sashes and table runner still available?
  12. Hi, I booked my wedding and have Cristina, she hasn't been to helpful so far. Were you able to get the menus for the buffet, plated banquet and coctail hour yet? I'm just wondering how your experience has been.
  13. Hi, My name is Kristie I am planning a wedding at the Moon on Oct. 22nd. I was also thinking of using Laluna, how are their pricings? When are you having your wedding?
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