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  1. Hi Melly, I am getting married in Aruba on August 18th, 2012. We booked our group also through Annie and we decided on the non all inclusive pricing option for our guests. We are having a reception for about 60 people on Renaissance Island. I still have not finalized the menu options and I am looking for a place to have my rehearsal dinner/welcome party. I am also looking for a different photographer than the one suggested by Juney. See below for a link to other photographers in Aruba: first choice: http://www.everafteraruba.com/ http://bryanmorrisphotography.com/ http://winklaar.com/#/home/ I hope this helpful. Would love to share ideas with you.
  2. Hi, I am also getting married in Aruba in August 2012. I am looking to share any information with brides getting marred at the Renaissance. Right now, I feel like most of the planning is on hold until I confirm the total guests that are coming to our wedding. How did you go about the planning process? Are you having a rehearsal dinner? If so, what places have you looked into.
  3. monique2011

    Stressed Aruba "newbie"

    Everyone's comments are so helpful. I am actually getting married on Renaissance Island on August 18th, 2012. Very excited to finally get married. However, I am having some difficulties finding a place for a rehearsal/welcome dinner.
  4. monique2011

    Stressed Aruba "newbie"

    Hi - I'm also planning my wedding in Aruba. I would like to get married October 2011 but fiancée wants to wait until spring 2012. I am thinking about the renaissance island. If anyone has any information on pricing please share. Thank you.