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  1. Hi arielh Ya, that's the way it is unfortunately, at least for us. Up to 15 people I believe you can order off the menu. 16 to 30 people you get a "set menu" of your choice, but if you're over 30 you can only choose one entree for your guests. Then I was told it was a minimum of 50 people for the theme buffets at 50 usd/person. We're getting married at the Coba on January 17th. When we originally booked we told Maria about 25-30 people also....we chose our favorite of the 3 restaurants and then we were told to pick 1 appetizer, 1 soup, 2 entrees (guests choose 1 at dinner) and 1 dessert. We opted for the wedding cake instead of the cake and dessert with extra charge. I hated having to choose the meal for all of our guests but I figured it's only one meal during their trip they might not be jazzed about. We chose Portofino..figured you can't go too wrong with either chicken or fish Quote: Originally Posted by arielh Hello Everyone! I am getting married at the GBP Coba April 26, 2012 and was wondering if anyone could let me know information about their dinner choices??? We will be having around 30 people going and the WC Maria has said that with that many people we can only choose one starter, one entree and one dessert.....or have a theme dinner for 30 people that would cost $83/person - personally i don't want to be responsible for picking what everyone will be eating (I would rather pick a few and then the guests pick what they want out of my selection).
  2. Hi again, I'm a dweeb and forgot to leave my email addy, any help would be awesome!! Thanks again terridickerson@hotmail.com
  3. These are awesome, you did a great job!! Would you mind sending me your tempate also?? My wedding will be over by the time I have enough posts to view attachements lol This is my first DIY project and I'm feeling waaay out of my league
  4. Hi This forum has been amazing!! I've been stalking this site for the last couple of weeks and now that we've booked (yes!!) I have a couple of dumb questions...I apologize in advance... Can we have wedding guests take photos during the ceremony as well as the photographer?? I've heard the resort isn't too keen on the idea... We are booked at Coba...if guests are staying at either Akumal or Tulum...will there be a day-pass charge in order for them to attend the wedding and dinner?? Also, is anyone able to send me pics and prices of the optional extras...flowers, pool-side party, etc.. terridickerson@hotmail.com Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it!!