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  1. Hi, Are any of you ladies getting or being married at the Moon Palace? Ive joined the Moon Palace 2012 thread but dont think anyone is from the uk. Mellisa
  2. Mrsjh2b Thanks for all the info regarding complimentary and diamond... I think its definately made my mind up to go for the complimentary and add a few things on. It will work out cheaper and be more customised to us and what we want :-) so thanks for that. It looks like its going to be quite a small wedding and a big AHR. Mellisa
  3. Thanks :-) It wont let me open it via PM so ive sent you my private addy. Well my parents are fine with what ever we do... they have told us its our day and we have to do what we want. His parents on the other hand are the opposite nothing like my parents and dont even bother with him most of the time so not sure why they want to stick their nose in. It will be quite expensive for family n friends to come over from the UK so im only expecting our parents, my little sister, my grandparents and maybe about 4 close friends but to us that is fine...although there are a few more people i'd like to be there i understand they can't make it! So from now on its our day and we are doing what we want. I wish you could get everything sorted much sooner its driving me insane just waiting around. I want to get started on Save the Dates etc. Mellisa
  4. Hi Mrsjdh2b Could you send me the lists i will pm my email addy thanks :-) I dont like the colours on the other packages but diamond seems to suit me but not sure whether it would be cheaper to do comp then add some if the things i like on! Have any of you had pressure to have an at home wedding from Family members? Future MI trying to bribe us with this and doesnt seem to realise its a big day and we have picked mexico because its what we want nothing to do with money or anything else! So annoyed! Ha mellisa
  5. Hello Moon Palace Ladies :-) Hopefully going to be a moon palace bride Nov 2012 Wooooooooo. Pretty much decided on Cancun since getting engaged in Lapland but picking a hotel has proved very confusing far too much choice finally decided that I love the wedding packages at the palace suits me best! My Fiance and I are just waiting for the holidays to be released in the UK to be able to book! So annoying when you just want it booked. Then the next step is which package...comp and add on or diamond! Hmmm Mellisa :-)
  6. Thanks for all the advice and information girls. Looks like you guys and this forum are going to be in my life alot from now on :-) This week got my mind set on Moon Palace.... each week i seem to have a new favourite. Ive been to the travel agents this weekend but they said they can only book up until the end of October 2012. Not good enough! Lisa and Nicola ive added you both of FB (if i have the right people) Mellisa x
  7. Hi Ladies, Im really struggling to decide on a hotel.... Firstly looked at Gran Bahia Principe (a friend attended a wedding there a few weeks ago and spoke very highly of it) After looking through these forums ive looked at Barcelo Maya Palace/Riu Palace riviera Maya and also now the Caribe Royal (as there will be children there) These look alot nicer than the GBP but that could just be certain photos We are looking at Nov 12 wedding and the holidays arent out with our travel agents yet. Does any1 know if you can have a beach reception at the Caribe Royal or any rough costs for any of the above (wedding cost) I need to know how much I am looking at to start saving. Any help would be great :-) Mellisa
  8. Hi! Love Love Love this site and 95% set on GBP for my wedding in Nov 2012. Just playing the waiting game now as the Nov 2012 holidays arent out at the TA yet :-( Have no idea yet how many guests we will be having but i think around the 20 mark and wondered if anyone could knew the options of the receptions. Planning an afternoon wedding and then meal but what happens after that? Im guessing theres options to hire a DJ etc but we are planning on having a big AHR and wanted to do most of the dancing then and wanted a more low key simple yet romantic wedding day? Congratulations to all who have just been married and to those planning :-) x
  9. Hi Echraide! Yeah i wouldnt like anyone to feel left out so i think once we have it booked I will send out invites to everyone. Its so good to find somewhere with people in the same situation. Where and when is your sepcial day? mellisa
  10. Hi fellow 2012 brides :-) My Fiance and I are hoping to book Nov 2012 for our special day! We are thinking of Gran Bahia Principe but we are open for options its looking the best for us so far. Just have no idea how to go about the whole thing. Not sure who to send invites to ( Guests i think will attend or the whole family and friends who would have been invited if the wedding was at home) So far the TA are only taking bookings until Oct 2012. Just want to be able to start buying things and making a start but dont want to until i know its all booked. Mellisa x
  11. Hi All, Planning on getting married Nov 2012 @ the GBP has to be on the beach but a bit stuck on reception dinners anyone had a reception on the beach? Also a little worried as the uk travel agents are only booking up until Oct 2012 so got to wait a while until i can actually book the holiday. I have no idea on who to send invites to? Do i send them to everyone or just the people I think would attend or do I only send to the people i know are definately coming after asking them verbally? Wondering if anyone had any advice on the cost of the overall wedding and on which packages sound best? sorry for all the questions just such an important day i want to pick the best things! Thank u all Mellisa x