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  1. Sorry that I am just not replying but I have not been on here much. Yes the resort is very kid friendly, they even have a kids pool and a couple water slides. Our kids loved it! The resort is probably about 15-20 mins from the airport. I did not think it was bad at all, plus you have beautiful views to see.
  2. Thanks! The video was pretty good quality, we liked it, and well we weren't too picky since we were not expecting it. Idk how I could share my video though, it's too large to do it online. Let me know if you have any more questions!
  3. @ Brownskingirl. Thanks, I loved it too! Name of Dress: Allure C185 Cost: $439, I did go with the designer grade so the total of the dress was $689 including underskirt and express shipping.
  4. Hello Everyone! I got married last year, July 2012 in Cancun. I ordered my dress from Jasmine's. I loved my dress and they were quick at getting back to me and sent me progress pictures. I got many compliments on my dress!
  5. Thanks! My wedding coordinator was Elsa Torres, she was usually pretty prompt, but every now and then she would take a while to reply (I usually re-sent the email when this happened). Yes, I had the royal catholic wedding pkg! I paid $3,810, this includes, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception (for 40 guests, 4 of them being kids), Champagne toast, and $700 in vendor fees for dj and photographer. I did not hire the resort videographer but he recorded my wedding anyway. The following day he met up with us and showed us the video and offered us three copies for $300. We told him we had to think about it since we hadn't planned on this additional expense. Long story short we paid $200 for 2 copies! (well my mom paid for one and I paid for the other!) I don't have the exact numbers for the DJ and photographer, I think it was around $2,800 for both. Oh we also,, we tipped the waiters and bartenders. They did a great job, so bring some cash just in case you want to tip. I hope this answered your questions
  6. Thanks! No there was not an extra charge for the decor set up. I'm guessing it's already included in our wedding package. Our trash the dress pictures were taken on a public beach, our photographer picked us up at the resort and dropped us off. I did not want to pay the vendor fee in order to take ttd pics at the resort. If your friend is staying at the resort I would just take the pics. I don't think it'll be an issue if he's a guest. Just don't tell anyone you're doing it! Plus after the wedding you will not see you're wedding coordinator at all!
  7. I got the 6hour package (the price was the same regardless if you only use them for 3hours). I really didn't have a choice. The price is still cheaper than paying for the resort dj! I only chose the song for our first dance. Other than that I had just let him know what type of music I wanted played, but I didn't give him a list of any specific songs.
  8. Thanks!! @ NCalvar: You don't have to do all the rituals. The priest will ask you which ones you want to do. Bouquet: I really liked my bouquet (came with the package), it was really well done and the flowers looked fresh!They can personalize them for you such as colors and etc.. Music: The violinist played throughout the ceremony! (so there were no quiet awkward moments). Pic of bouquet included in the package Bridesmaid bouquets, (real touch flowers) Most of the pics posted above were professional pics. Only a couple weren't. Hope this helps
  9. I have complete my review! Hope it helps http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/81431/jasmins-gran-caribe-real-review-with-pictures#post_1805293
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