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  1. I can't agree with you more, Dreams La Romana is a beautiful resort, your gues will love it and your wedding will be perfect. I did alot of worrying and we forgot so many little details the day of but it didn't matter it rained the day we got married but everything turned out even more so beautiful as I'd hope for! Good Luck everyone!
  2. Amurka, these bags are beautiful! I am sure your guests will love them and enjoy the goodies inside! I take it you haven't spoken to Fanny, I do apologize, I will actually be in DR next weekend and will see her next Friday night, let me know if you'd like me to have her contact you. Sabrina, I didn't have a rehearsal dinner. I had a Bonfire on the beach with a DJ which turned out really nice and was tons of fun.
  3. I paid a fee of $20 per head for those who were just attending the wedding.
  4. Hi Gemma, Here you go: For the tiffany chairs I used I was charged $145 RD which came up to $3.82 US, for transportation to and from they charged $400 RD/ $11 US. Alex at Eventos Calle Altagracia Nº 11B, La Romana Rep. Dom. Tels.:809-556-5959 809-556-8595 Fax: 809-556-5454 email: eventosycatering@gmail.com They do speak english, good luck.
  5. Hi! Congrat's! You may want to use a travel agent. I had someone from Apple her name is Sue and you can contact her at 847-623-1919 she will be able to get you great rates, take care of the children and even get you upgrades depending on how many people you have coming who book through her. You can let her know Francys Rodriguez referred you. She was amazing. Good Luck.
  6. Not a problem, you are very welcome. My email is francys525@yahoo.com feel free to email me should you have any questions.
  7. Hi Sabrinaa, The cake came in from the capital (Santo Domingo) Only the bottom two were real, it was delish, crema de leche and pineapple, very very good! The same person who arranged my flowers, if you'd like forward your email address to me in a message or email her at walquiria72@yahoo.com you will speak to Walquiria or Fanny.
  8. I am so happy to hear you had a good exprience as I did. Walquiria was amazing, everyone there was they truly do aim to please. Congrats on becoming a Mrs, your picture is beautiful!!
  9. Brandee, It wasn't too far, the restroom wasn't a problem. I did use the hotel for hair and make up, I printed various styles and had a trial session, regarding make-up I brought everything with me, she just applied.
  10. Kim, thank you so much for posting the pictures! Guys please note these pictures are untouched, Cesar Bido is actually working on them and I can't wait to see the end result. He is an amazing photographer, trust me...we are proff some us aren't as pretty as we look in his pictures If you can...do jump into the pool!! It was loads of fun, we had a great time. You've all made a great selection Dreams La Romana is so much more beautiful than what we see in pictures in person. Chanelo, Feb is a great month to get married in DR, not as hot as July was but trust me it will be here before you know! Feel free guys to ask should you have any questions, again...Congrat's everyone!! (Thanks Kim!!!)
  11. I am sure 30 people will be sufficient. We did buffet but under 40 you can have a sit down The Oceana is really nice.
  12. Yes, they do have flowers. You may want to look into them. I had my flowers come in from Santo Domingo also, I got a really good deal on the flowers and cake. The Oceana is semi outside, there is room to dance, lots of it. I had 82 people, but it did end at 11ish at which point we all moved into the disco which was nice, I wanted everything to take place outside but I hear the ballroom is really nice. I will be honest and say, try to get what ever you can outside of the hotel, everything that you do through them will be pricy. The girls will work with you but the price adds up the more you select. Glad I could help, make sure you both forward pictures when your time comes.
  13. Hi Girls, Kim, please feel free to post those, I'd appreciate that. We did have a great time, we didn't allow the rain to stop us. We used the "Oceana" for the reception, I highly suggest it, lots of privacy on that side of the hotel. For the chairs, they do have silver they pretty much have any color you would like, they also have settings, overlays, flowers anything you can think of Tiffany chairs I was charged $145 RD which came up to $3.82 US, for transportation to and from they charged $400 RD/ $11 US. Alex at Eventos Calle Altagracia Nº 11B, La Romana Rep. Dom. Tels.:809-556-5959 809-556-8595 Fax: 809-556-5454 E-mail: eventos@verizon.net.do or eventosycatering@gmail.com Please let me know if there is anything I can help you guys with, I wish you all the very best, alot of time and effort goes into planning, girls "The Day" flies by so make sure to take a minute for yourself and just savior each moment.
  14. I'm sorry, I do have to say I am not to savy when it comes to uploading pictures. Let me know if this works and I will forward more to you guys.
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