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  1. I had children at my wedding, and those families just stayed next door at Gran Porto. It honestly wasn't a big deal. Since we could go over there from the Royal, we did one beach day with them, and then we had a welcome dinner off property they came to, followed by the wedding day with everyone. They did a lot of excursions and things with the kids anyway, so I don't think they would have stayed everyday at the pool with us even if they were at the same resort.
  2. Hi, All! I'm getting nostalgic about my wedding, so I thought I would check back in I had a welcome dinner for 25 at La Cueva del Chango. It was pretty reasonable, and people still talk about the guacamole! We did a choice of two entrees for dinner, and we let people order cocktails. My MIL spent less than $1000 on the whole thing, and they were super easy to work with! We decided against a bar package because we met for a cocktail hour at the resort before leaving for dinner, and then we went right back to the hotel. People didn't end up drinking that much during the 2 hour dinner.
  3. Sorry, safety75! I just saw that you asked about the maracas... I did order them ahead of time and bring them down with me. I bought the medium multicolored ones from Amols, and I tied the tags on the night before my meeting with the wedding coordinator. My bag flying down was like one giant maraca
  4. I had actually got a really great Groupon for My Own Labels. Here's a link to the type we bought: http://www.myownlabels.com/wedding_favor-tags/FM/
  5. Here's Marvin's email address: marvin@mayafloral.com. If you send him an idea of what you are looking for, he'll send you pictures of samples he's done previously. Then you can make adjustments from there! He was really easy to work with!
  6. I had my hair done in an updo one night (I wore it down for the wedding), and I had my makeup done for the wedding. My mother also had her hair done, and I also saw several brides worked on while I was in for my appointments. I really loved everything I had done and saw other brides have done! I really do recommend pictures, and do not be afraid to speak up if you want something changed!
  7. I had them use their makeup for my eye makeup, but I did a consultation at Sephora to select the best primer/foundation for my skin type and tone before I left. Eye shadows and such can be pretty universal, but I wouldn't just assume they will have the best base makeup for you.
  8. Thank you, everyone! Deniden, I loved my bouquet, too! I ran across it on Google images, and I had no idea what kind of flowers they were. I sent the picture to Marvin, and he was like, 'Oh, yeah, those are blah blah blahs. I can recreate that." I used the vials as part of our guest book table. We put questions inside of them for people to answer on the back of postcards for our guestbook. I was OBSESSED with those vials when I saw them on Martha Stewart, but I couldn't think of a way to use them for the place cards while still indicating everyone's meal choice. We actually had regular p
  9. I totally got weepy when we were actually putting our music together before we left imagining it, but I am a big cry baby anyway! I totally started crying while I was waiting to walk down the aisle
  10. While our guests were being seated, we used: "Quando, Quando, Quando"- Michael Buble and Nellie Furtado, "Lucky"- Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, "Better Together"-Jack Johnson Family walked down to "Make You Feel My Love"-Adele, and I walked down to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"-Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. Our recessional was "Happy Together"-The Turtles. Quote: Originally Posted by LuckyGal4 I've got a question for brides who have already got married... I am trying to figure out my music for the ceremony but I am not sure how that is set up. Do they have speaks on the beach?
  11. Thank you! You look pretty, too! We pretty much bolted from the Royal, too... We left the day after for our honeymoon
  12. Hi, Ladies! I just posted my review with some pictures! Check it out! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/the-royal-in-playa-del-carmen-all-inclusive-spa-resort/reviews/6207
  13. YES!!! I also feel like it was 100 years ago, even though it hasn't even been a month
  14. Hi, Ladies! I'm still working on my review, but I thought I would share a slide show our photographer made from our wedding weekend... It includes our ceremony at the gazebo, and the cocktail hour and reception in one of the ballrooms. The end is our TTD in PDC at at Secrets Maroma for the start of our honeymoon! http://clients.colsongriffith.com/Weddings/Leslie-and-Mike/Slide-Show/23404394_gJps3c#!i=1890500477&k=hm4mq5W&lb=1&s=A
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