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  1. Thank you so much Wilsom12... you posted more than enough!!!:0):0) I think I want it there since it looks more private than the rest of the locations. Your cocktail hour started at 7pm? reception started at 8pm? We have our cocktail hour at 6pm and reception at 7pm... I am hoping we can get the Spa Terrace since its only an hour earlier. Thank again!
  2. Wilsom12, I appreciate this picture. My main concern is, where is the Spa Terrace located? Can I see the beach from it (like the lobby terrace)? or is it closed in. My first choice was the regular Lobby Terrace, but it is booked :0( After looking at your pictures from your review, I became interested in the Spa Terrace. Your pictures came out really nice, but there are no pictures of where the Spa Terrace is located? I haven't seen any other pictures. Is there a site that you can direct me to? or can you post more pictures. I don't mean to be a bother. Thank you for your help :0)
  3. Muitoquerida: Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. The pictures are beautiful :0) I looks great. Cecelia is giving me a hard time because I had "beach" in the contract. I hope this can be changed. Thank again!
  4. Please Help!!! I am getting married at Dreams Cancun. I am debating on having the reception at the Spa Terrace or the Lobby Terrace. I am having difficulty finding pictures on these locations that have already been set up for a wedding. Spa Terrace: Does anyone know where it is located?? and how it accommodates a DJ/Dance area? Lobby Terrace: I have looked at many pictures, but none of the pictures have a wedding set up. Thank you for your help!!!! :0)
  5. Hello everyone :0) I am debating on having my reception at the Spa Terrace or Lobby Terrace. I would like to know if anyone can post any pictures of the Spa Terrace? Does anyone know where it is located and how it could accommodate 50 guests, including a dance area? In regards to the Lobby Terrace, does anyone have any photos of a wedding there. I looked at photos, but none of them had it decorated for a wedding. I appreciate your help!! Thank you!
  6. Hey! I know you posted these pics from 2008. I am debating on having my reception at the Spa Terrace or the Lobby Terrace. Where is the Spa Terrace located? Is there a view of the ocean, etc.?