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  1. I just got back from my wedding and it was AMAZING!! Checking in was painless. We did get there very early and had a few hours until our rooms were ready. They put the wristbands on us, told us to leave our bags in lobby, get a drink and start enjoying our vacation.....which we gladly did!! We just grabbed a swimsuit out and hit the beach. Check in time is 3pm and we got there at about noon. The resort is great and the staff are friendly and willing to help with anything you need. The variety of restaurants is great and I would recommend making your reservation for the a la carte the day you get there. The buffets were delicious and a lot of options but pretty much the same day to day. The Italian buffet was closed due to remodeling which was a bummer. The nightly shows are great and change day to day so you probably will not see the same thing. The Bambola bar was always a great spot to hang. The cupcake cafe has delicious coffee drinks and a variety to choose from. We ate at the Mediterranean and Mexican A La carte restaurants and both were delicious but if I had to choose, it would be the Mediterranean. The Mojitos are delicious and there is something for everyone on their drink menu. We all tipped the staff because they work so hard and good service should always be rewarded. The room was spacious. We stayed in the select club adults only section. They even had a buffet set up at the adult pool that was delicious for their "Sunday Funday". Also an adult only breakfast buffet very very close to that section. It had DIY mimosas and bloody marys! It was worth the upgrade. There was also better liquor at adult pool, in premium bar at lobby and meeting point for the select club guests. I did not ask for upgraded liquor on the beach. The beach was beautiful and maybe it was the time of year we went but there was always plenty of spots open at the beach and pool. It was about a 5-6 Minute walk to beach from adult section. I did not mind it since we were drinking and eating so much I kinda needed it. There were shuttles going all day until 11pm I think is cutoff time. We used them sometimes but the resort is beautiful and I liked walking by the donkeys too. My friend got a massage at the spa and said it was amazing. The fridges in the room were nice to have so if you just wanted a quick drink you did not have to walk all the way to a bar. To have 24 hour room service is always nice. It is a large resort so about 30-40 minute wait for room service was normal. I would definitely return to this resort. Some of our friends said they would also come back to this resort. The location is great. We chose this resort because I felt the price was right, great location and I was happy with the reviews(wedding and resort). There are always negative people so do not take them so literally. If you can not have a good time at the beach then there is something wrong with you. The wedding was just wonderful. Lupita the WC is amazing. She is just a blessing for a bride like myself. I was kinda unorganized and didn't have everything figured out really even on the day of. She was patient and just wants to make you happy. She was quick to respond to my emails and I could stop by her office while I was there if I needed to. I emailed pics of what I wanted and she had them ready at our meeting to refer to them. She is such a professional. The ceremony site was beautiful. We did ceremony on beach in front of royal elite palapa and the reception inside the royal elite palapa. It was raining on and off so I did not want to risk it. I would recommend having a private reception. The royal elite palapa is off to the side of resort so it is very private. We had a group of 35 and we fit very comfortably. The staff is amazing. The food was beyond my expectations. We had a dj for a few hours then a Mariachi band to end the night. You cannot have a wedding in Mexico without a Mariachi. It was the best time. The room was decorated how I wanted it. Lupita even took off the two flower arrangements from gazebo and put them on our sweetheart table and I thought it but didn't even had to ask because she already had it done!! We had fans on chairs at ceremony and she even used the extra fans around the wedding for decorations. The colors of everything was what I asked. They made sure people on the beach were not all over your ceremony so you could get some good pics. She really is just great. If I had my choice to do it again I would still choose Sandos Playacar and Lupita!!
  2. My wedding is coming up soon!! I will post pictures when I get back. We leave on November 4. Soooo soon!!!
  3. Bride2B2014--What do you need emailed? I have just been emailing her pictures of stuff I like to give her an idea of the look I am going for and to get an idea of prices. Looking at Del Sol photographers wedding photos can give you some inspiration and get the juices flowing hopefully. Have you looked on pinterest? Lotsa photos. Ruefce13--Layout of ceremony? Template? We have not gotten that far yet. Our friend is going to be the speaker at the ceremony so we still need to talk it over with him. I asked for the beach area that is more secluded and not as close to hotel beach area. Maybe after dinner everyone can head to disco and you can make a grand entrance and do your first dance then. Talk to the DJ ahead of time and give him your song choice?
  4. She quoted me $60usd for blue vases because they will have to buy them. Nope and no thank you.
  5. The wedding packages. I hope you are able to open it and look at the info. Wedding Packages 2012-2013.pdf
  6. The options for music are these, prices are per 45min: Mariachi: 420USD Trio 320USD Saxophonist 320USD DJ 60USD Live music – Singer and Guitar English Player $250USD per hour Violinist 400 USD Steel drum players 450USD Band of alive music international & salsa 1500 USD Drum players 6 dancers, 6 musicians, 6 water drum 1300usd Dancers and water drums 1100usd 5 water drums & 5 fire 900usd 4 drummers & 4 fire 700usd This is are the prices given to me. As always everything is subject to change.
  7. I emailed her today suggesting if I do a beach dinner/reception that I would like the dance floor under the "wedding hut" seen in the photos where everyone does the toast. We will be doing the toast at dinner and not right after ceremony. We most likely will do the beach because my fiance did not like the set menu for the Mediterranean restaurant( I liked it and it is close to beach/open air). Amazinggrace- I only requested a quote for light up dance floor so I think the next time I email I will ask for specifics. I am going to use the bridesmaid flowers for centerpieces and requested quote for renting blue colored glass/vases.
  8. We are getting married here in the US before we head down to avoid any of that drama. Depending on how many people go I think I want to go with the dinner on the beach since if you do a couple of hours open bar for like a cocktail hour it almost comes out to the same. I had thought about if we do dinner at restaurant have mariachi meet us there and then walk us to beach while playing to start off the beach party. It is all still up in the air. I am interested in a light up dance floor too. AmazingGrace--Were the prices 800-1500 for a plain dance floor?
  9. Yay I confirmed my wedding date for November 11 2013!!! I still have a lot to decide on but I am happy to finally feel like things are falling into place.
  10. Hello, My wedding date at Now Amber is in November also. I have not found much information on previous brides getting married there. I assume the reason is that it is a new resort? I really liked the Now Sapphire but Puerto Vallarta was a much more convenient location so I was happy to see they opened a resort there.
  11. www.freeoceanweddings.com has there packages listed there also. I emailed them directly with a few other questions but have not gotten a response yet.
  12. Awesome review. I am trying to decide on what resort to pick but they all look amazing. My wedding is not until 2013 so I have time but it is difficult.
  13. Thank you for clarifying because in the email she sent the pic with the old chairs but then said they do not use them anymore so I wondered what exactly she meant or why she would send a pic of something they no longer use. I am not having my wedding until Feb. 2013 and I just feel like it is forever away....I can't even book the date yet it is so far away.
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