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  1. your pictures are amazing... congratulations any chance you can tell me who designed your dress . . . im in LOVE with it !!!
  2. hii! i am doing a site visit of DRC this june, 2011 and hopefully will love it enougt to book my wedding there for 2012. I was wondering from those of you who have been there if you think my guests will be bored at night. I have a lot of guests who are in their 20's who will probably stay an extra night or two and I don't want them to have nothing to do. DRC's location is whats scaring me the most.... Do you think its possible for me to rent something one night to take everyone downtown ? And how long would it take ? How is "Desires " ? On trip advisor a lot of people complain about there being no enterainment.... just wondering if anyone could clarify this. Thank u and congrats to all of you <3
  3. im just curious if anyone on here is getting married at DRC between june 1st and 5th, 2011? thats when I am going to be doing my site visit and I'd def. like a lil peak of how it unfolds lol i am still not 100% sold on this resort because im having trouble with its desolate location... i realized you cant even jet-ski here, is this true ? I look forward to things like that on vacation and I have a lot of young guests who will be looking for a good time on the other nights they stay.... however i booked it and im going to take a look lol ! I am praying that I fall in love with it and can book it for 2012. also if anyone who was married there recently when you find some free time maybe you can write a review ? the other reviews are what made me book it in the first place and its def. nice to hear the details!! thanx girls
  4. I know someone answered me already and I'm sorry to repeat myself but I CANT FIND IT- What is the e-mail address I should email to let them know I am coming and would like to meet with a wedding coordinator? The one on their site isn't working for me. Thanx again
  5. Thank You! I love costco lol =) I agree if people know they are def. not coming do they need an invitation lol I am going to do the website like you sound that seems like a great idea
  6. I LOVE this...! i think its safe and easy and you dont have to worry about it being all over the place in your pics, but that is just my opinion. Also will look great with a backless dress =)
  7. this is just a general question. . . . i see in most pics the bride's have their hair down and the wind is blowing like crazy, why not go for the hair up ??? i know having long curled hair looks beautiful but i think im more of a safe person who just rather not have to keep sweeping it away from my face... is having your hair up on your wedding day out of style ? lol & have any of you regretted having your hair down?
  8. very true! i am still going to send save the dates just so noone can complain that the didnt have enough notice.. but you are right about the responses.. i wont bother with that thanx
  9. just an opinion: i would def. do the 4 hr reception!! it's not like your guests have anywhere to go and if you are having a great time- which im sure u will.... you will be happy to have the extra hour since the night will probably fly by...
  10. We aren't getting married until June 2012 lol.. im on here kinda early just to see what everyone says.. We are going there to check it out june 1st-5th 2011.. too bad its not your wedding that week I could have checked it out.. I dont have time to go and check out every resort I am interested in so I was having a hard time booking the trip at DRC since im praying when i get there ill love it enough to book my wedding for next year. . . . this thread made me finally settle on it as the hotel ill hopefully book for the wedding lol June 18th is coming close..... you must be very excited. How long in advance did u send your invitations? Also if i book it this June i plan on sending Save The Dates as soon as I get back.... is it wrong to ask people to let me know if they are 100% not coming before i send them an invitation and itinerary? -be honest! lol Originally Posted by brookeh68 What day in June are you getting married? We are June 18th. It's getting to be crunch time! We have 36 people going- 1/2 havent booked their flights yet- I'm going crazy!
  11. thank u soo much! It looks beautiful from the pics i cant wait to see it! if some of my guests stay a 4th night or so i might arrange a trip into downtown cancun or playa del carmen just for a little extra fun.... 30 minutes away isnt that bad! I think your BM dresses and the ring are BEAUTIFUL... what is your wedding date ? im really glad i came on here because after i booked it for this June ive been looking at other hotels still wondering if I should even bother due to some of the reviews on trip advisor... people have complained about the ocean yet it looks amazing in all the pictures!
  12. Hello! I am new to this and I am visiting Dreams Riviera Cancun this June to see if i love it enought to book my wedding there for June 2012. I have a few questions I want to ask the resort, but I cant find a contact number or e-mail because both of them on the site do not work. Does anyone know how to contact the resort directly ? Also my main questions are how far is it from Cancun night-life and Playa Del Carmen night- life... Also a lot of the reviews say there is nothing to do there at night but I will have a lot of young singles at my wedding and I don't want them to be BORED! If anyone has this information or has experienced this hotel please get back to me! Thank you - Emily
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