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  1. Hi Sol, I know this post is a bit old, but I have been scouring for recommendations on Catering and WC. I, too, am getting married at the Secret Jewel in April!!! I *thought* I had a caterer picked out, but am having huggge second thoughts. I spoke with Gisela today and she seems great. I am nervous about booking someone that I have never tasted their food or seen what they can do. How did you decide on Easy Gourmet over other caterers? I know that you are a photographer in the area, so must see allll kinds of vendors! Would love a 'local' opinion who knows the area and has been a bride themselves! Especially since I will be at the same venue that you chose~! Any tips about Spectacular events would be amazing, as well! Thanks so much! Rebecca
  2. They don't really do a whole package, but have a pretty reasonable rental fee that covers the whole day/night and basics like chairs, tables, lights in the trees, dressing area, gate attendants and so on. The wedding coordinator works with you and vendors to carry out the whole event. It's a little different than the package pricing of resorts, but much more customizable at the same time. I haven't found it to be drastically different price wise once you add in the small costs the resorts throw in. Plus, you don't run into problems if your guests are not all staying at the same resort. (guest passes and all that) I can send you the rental fee and some vendors I've talked to if you'd like!
  3. Hey Yzzel...just sent you some info to your email! Yes, the Utopik group has put together some amazing events. I was visiting just after the one with the wooden floor and the Secret Jewel planner, Ilse, was telling me all about it. Seemed pretty cool.
  4. You are exactly, right. Not many brides have stayed there, so there aren't a lot of reviews and suggestions, but I fell in love with the size and feel of the resort. I visited in June and met a couple of the people who work there. Urs is fantastic...he's the food and beverage guy. He responds quickly and seems like he has put together a lot of events. I am planning to do a cocktail welcome reception and the rehearsal dinner there. They have been pretty open to hearing my ideas and trying to make it work. I will definitely let you know how everything goes and pass along anything that I learn along the way!
  5. Hi Yzzel, I also wanted my wedding outside of a resort and I found an amazing little place called the Secret Jewel. Have you come across that in your searching? Let me know if you would like any information about it. I am getting married there in April!
  6. Hi Gilkes, I am planning my April 2012 wedding and after MUCH looking, debating, and a site visit, I settled on Capilla de Santa María del Secreto. It's not a resort, but a beautiful secluded venue site just outside of downtown Playa del Carmen. Here is their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Capilla-de-Santa-Mar%C3%ADa-del-Secreto/105157861821 There is a chapel, palapa, beach area, and a palm grove. best part is that you can party until 3 am! Let me know if I can give you any more information! We will stay at a nearby resort and have rehearsal dinner and other events there. Happy Planning!
  7. AlyMay, when is your wedding?! My wedding group is staying at the Mahekal and I will have all my events there. My wedding itself is off site, but I love Mahekal's atmosphere. I hope you are enjoying planning!!!!
  8. It is disappointing how pricey they are! I went for a site visit in June. It's very beautiful, but with the min. guest requirements and required band/music that you have to hire it was just too much!!! At least there are plenty of options in Playa del Carmen!
  9. Hi Holly, I am SO glad to find someone on here who has recently had a wedding there. I was down scouting in the area two weeks ago (I must have just missed you!) and went by to see Mahekal. Unfortunately, I have had less than stellar response from Aya, so was a bit concerned about how everything would turn out. I did get a chance to meet with Urs while I was there, but Aya was not around. I would love to hear about how the rest of your stay and wedding was...did you have ceremony on the beach, reception, etc? ALSO, I've been trying to get some info about room rates for a group, etc. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks so much, Becky
  10. Hi Wenz, Thanks for the review! Do you happen to have any pricing info you picked up while you were there or that was sent to you? I haven't heard back from them yet and would love to see some info! Are you doing your ceremony in the chapel and reception in the palm groves? I'd love to hear how it all looks and works together! Thanks! Becky Beckyj@gmail.com
  11. Hi Sunshine...any chance you can forward me the info you got about pricing for Xcaret? It looks like an amazing place! Thanks, Becky beckyj@gmail.com
  12. Hi Sham! I am hoping you might still check this site! I have been trying to get some information, but have had little luck via Maya Zone. Sounds like you had an OK time working with them. Did they try to push another location on you? Also, were they able to plan everything....flowers, etc. or did you have someone else do that. Thanks!
  13. I inquired about information from my top choice, Mahekal. I actually sent a request from their old site Shangri-la caribe, and someone from Maya Zone got back to me. I am a bit confused if they are a TA service, planner, etc. Does anyone know and/or have an experience they could share? It sounds like they manage several hotel properties in the area, but I'm wondering if I should use them or go another route. The rep I was talking with says I don't need a WC or TA as they can do it all? Anyway, just curious thoughts since I haven't sent hem mentioned on any of the forums! Thanks! Rebecca
  14. Hey all! I'm fairly new to this site...getting lot's of info and ideas, though! Thanks for everyone's input. I have a questions about Mahekal, formerly Shangr-la Caribe. I've read the posts on here about the hotel, so I don't need that info...I've inquired with them about information and a representative from Maya Zone is who responded. My question is, has anyone worked with this group? I asked Crystal, the rep who answered my inquiry, if she was a WC, TA, etc. and she said they handle customized vacations, including wedding planning. I'm not sure I still understand exactly what that means. Anyhow, just wondering if anyone has used Maya Zone or had a wedding at Mahekal and used someone different! Thank you all!
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