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  1. Carole: We are having the 3 hr reccption. During cocktail hr. we will have a guitarist. Since we only have 6 guests, we decided to have an intimate dinner with no music. We won't be doing the traditional dancing, etc. We will be having a huge reception when we return home, which is where all the music and dancing come in..... We may however go to one of the bars after dinner to celebrate with some music and dancing. Thanks lauren for the great review! I will have a review for everyone when we return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you girls, for the comforting words. I feel much better! Lauren you looked beautiful! Can't wait for the review!
  3. OMG! Guys I'm freaking out... I just looked at the weather forecast and they are predicting rain for everyday that we are there, even my wedding day! I feel like there was so much planning, hard work, and money that went into this, I don't want it to be ruinned! A beach wedding was my dream wedding. I don't want to have gone through all of this trouble to have my dream wedding, and end up having to get married in a building without all the family and friends that I would have had at a local wedding. I don't know what to do, I'm freaking out!!! Every source that I looked at during planning said the same thing: that turks and caicos does not get much rain over the course of a year. What are the odds of having 50% and 60% chances for every day that we are there?
  4. Thanks for the advice girls! Carole, I know exactly how you feel, we are leaving Monday!!! I hope it's not too hot!
  5. It seems that I have lots of questions, since the date is inching closer (5 days until we leave!)... How did you all travel with your dresses? My airport suggests folding it and placing in the overhead compartment, but I REALLY don't want to smash it. Do you know if there is a steamer on the resort? Even still, I would be scared that my dress would shrink if it would be steamed. Am I crazy?
  6. I read a review that stated that the resort is "cashless" and that you have to give them a credit card when you arrive and they give you a Beaches chargecard. Is this true? We were planning on bringing cash. Can you pay cash for the excursions/tours? Can you use cash in the giftshops?
  7. OMG! You guys are scaring me. I have already paid for a photography package and video with Beaches. I hope they are more organized when we go! I wish I could have afforded to go with TI !!
  8. Not to be a "debbie downer", but I find it really difficult communicating with Monica! Anyways...7 days until we leave!!! I am so excited! I'm glad we get to work with someone different once we get to the resort.
  9. Congrats Stella and AandA. You were both beautiful! Please post more pictures as soon as possible. I can't wait to see them!
  10. Hi Viclee, The only music that is included is that they will play pre-recorded (cd, ipod) during your ceremony. These are the only things included in the BB package: Personal wedding consultant Marriage officiant Certified copy of marriage license Picturesque wedding location One 5"x7" wedding photograph Wedding Gift Bouquet and boutonniere Beautiful reception setting Hors d'oeuvres & sparkling wine* Preparation of documentation Caribbean Wedding Cake Continental breakfast in bed Government / Administrative fees** During those 30 min would be when you cut your cake, have the Hors d'oevres and your toast. If you truly want to save money, I suggest not purchasing music and going out to one of the bars after. Hope this helps
  11. Congrats Brandy! You were a beautiful bride. Thanks for the great review.
  12. TimsWife, this is the only place that I know of that has beaches photography samples... http://www.sandals.com/weddingmoons/weddings/real-weddings.cfm
  13. Hey Misti, your pics were beautiful! We are paying for our pics ourself and I only wish I could afford Tropical Imaging. The vision in white theme comes with 12 pics and a video. I only added the 18 pics for $410. So... I will only have 20 pics of my wedding Photography is sooooo expensive!
  14. Hey Avelyad, I totally understand your frustrations with Monica! It feels like she is incovenienced by having to do her job. I find it REALLY difficult to communicate with her. I can't wait until I am able to communicate with someone else!
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