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  1. I will still write a long review but just say a few things real quick. First we had bought the Ultimate package but only had 13 guests total including us. I talked with Claudia before paying and asked that since we have less then 20 guests and 3 of them weren't staying at the hotel could she include them so we would not have to pay for the day pass. She said yes, but the day of the wedding she had our guests pay and I was not around so I had to try to work that out later on after hearing about it. Some confusion I guess! Two of the guests paid with their credit card so hopefully they applied it back on because I didn't want any of my guest to have to pay for the day pass. Next we paid for the sound system $199, it cut in and out a few times when walking down and when my bridesbaid were leaving. Not good when you pay that much! When we had our cocktail hour the caribean band was playing but another wedding was going on and played over their wedding music. I am so sorry to whomever that bride was. They stopped when she walked down the aisle but I was thinking they should of set that up so the band could play for our dinner. I was not aware what time the other wedding were so again feel like Claudia should of stepped in to change that. Our dinner was suppose to be on the beach but was moved to the terrance due to the wind. They did a great job with that and I have no complaints about that or the food. Claudia did let me exchange my centerpieces for the table for flowers for my two bridesmaids. She gave me vases for them and we just used them for the dinner table afterwards and it worked out great because we had one long table. Like I said minor mistakes but very frustrating! Honestly I would go back and I feel like I picked the perfect resort for the wedding, no regrets there at all. There is alot for everyone to do there. I saw weddings everyday some smal and some big, I still stayed within my budget which is a big plus for me. So glad I used the photographers there, again I could go on and on about Daniel and how professional he was and how great he treated my family. His work is good and I will post pics this week. He did our wedding and trash the dress which I'm so glad I did because it wasso mch fun. I did the sand cermony which I loved, they supplied the writing and my niece read it (forgot ours at home of course). Our ipod locked up and we couldn't get to our music (really stressful beacuse it worked days before the wedding and of course the day after the wedding) but they helped us out with music. Wasn't perfect but things can and do go wrong. One more quick tip, I choose not to write my own vows but looking back I wished I would of listened to my husband and just did it. Otherwise they just give you a card to read from that is very short, not really romantic. Planning a wedding is hard and you never know what to expect especially being so far away. I miss Cancun so much. I came home to the cold and after 8 nights of the ocean it's depressing I must say! I will write a good review because the resort itself is just that great. The staff was so great to my family and friends. I travel enough and you just don't get that everywhere. I went shopping, did excursions in cancun, went to Desires the club that is included, tried all the restraunts (mexican too) and tried the hotel activities so I have alot to still say about this place. Thanks for letting me share!
  2. I'm back ladies, I will try to write a good review this week when I get time. Leigh I too had a great time at Dreams but mistakes were certainly made at my wedding. I did do the legal cermony and everything went well. They come to your room for the blood tests, it's really easy. The resort is perfect especially for a wedding but ladies just know that mistakes can happen. I had a few but overall the trip was great. I was told that they had 40 weddings in 30 days so it is busy there. It was really hard for me to come back home to say the least. Staff was great! The photographer from the resort is really good. You won't be dissappointed if you use Daniel. I cannot say enough good things about him. I will write some more tomorrow.
  3. His work looks very good! Well ladies I leave in the morning for Cancun so when I return I will give a full honest review. I'm a very simple person to please but can be picky when it comes to certain things. Isn't every women! I promise a full review for everyone. It looks like it's going to be in the 80's all week so that's a start. I never got all my questions answered and just found out 1 day ago our flight changed at the last minute so we will be split up from my brother and nieces. Very nervous about it working out the way I planned.
  4. Is anyone else paying when they get there for their packages or before hand through their travel agent? Just curious if it makes any difference?
  5. Leigh2011 I'm just getting in on the 6th so I'm going to miss your wedding. Your planning thread looks great! I hope everyone has a safe flight! I know that someone that told me they had a freind get married here I believe it was last Nov. and it wasn't that busy when it came to the pools, restraunts, etc. I think due to 11-11-11 weddings it might be busy from what my travel agent says, but I'm hoping for the best for all of us. All you 2012 brides will have lots of reviews to read when we all get home.
  6. I'm leaving in less then a week and must say that I hope my wedding is just crazy good because I'm highly disappointed with the communication with this resort. I will have 3 questions and only 1 question will be answered in the email. My travel agent even commented on how bad it's been lately. I've had to wait weeks even days, and still some questions never answered. Simple questions too! I wanted to switch resorts but I didn't want to last minute due to the guests, and all the planning I put into this. I never emailed her alot until the end just a few times here and there. Just hoping I return and it was all worth it in the end.
  7. If anyone on here has had or is planning a smaller wedding of 13 people including bride and groom, went with the ultimate package? Or has anyone did a smaller package? I need some help because last minute a few close family members couldn't make it, I'm sad but I don't want it to ruin my wedding. I'm just trying to make it a good time for everyone that is coming and I want some great video and pictures to have at the reception back home.
  8. Here are some beautiful pictures that adventurephotos have done at another resort. They are just wonderful to me! I'm going with this photographer because after seeing these pics and a few others I loved their work. Not to mention it's included in the package so it's worth it to me. I'm thinking about having them do a trash the dress session as well. I believe you get a discount if you use them for more sessions. Hope this helps a little girls. http://010611page.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/
  9. Where is everyone doing cocktail hour? I'm guessing cocktail hour is just drinks for everyone, right? Is there anything special about it. So we could just have it at any of the restraunts? As far as the tables I was thinking of one long table so we could talk to everyone at the table. We only have around 20 people so it's small.
  10. This might be a stupid question but do I have to contact the photographer that comes with the ultimate package and book him for the time I want or just if I want more time that's not included in the package? I feel my head spinning with everything left to do. I was told toldt he menus, flowers, etc. can all be picked out when we get there. Any advice or tips just let me know. Thanks girls
  11. I think I'm going to push everything closer together for my guests then, cause I don't want people passing out for sure! On the reviews I believe it was rudabaga or something like that, she had her wedding at noon and I just loved her pictures. I liked the sun in the back with the ocean, that's why I picked noon to start. I could push it back until 2pm. I just don't want to miss my own cocktail hour when taking pictures, Is anyone doing a trash the dress session?
  12. I believe that you can have it by the spa garden because I know I have seen a pic on this site of a reception there. However the garden reception pics that I was sent by Claudia were of the grassy area by the pool, over that way. Which is still really beautiful because you can see the gazebo, pool, and ocean. Question for everyone, how far apart are you doing the wed, cocktail hour, and reception. We are thinking wed at noon, the pics, then cocktail hour, then dinner at 4pm. I know it seems far apart but since we will be a small group I figure after the ceremony and pictures everyone could go freshen up in their rooms or sit at the bar in between the dinner times. I know all the weddings I went to there was always a huge gap and you socialized in between. Or should I move the wed until 2pm? Claudia thought my gap was big but she said it's up to me. Bags for guest- I got brown gifts bags from Jo Ann Fabrics I did stencils on there of palm trees, hula girls, fish, and cocktails. I picked paints that really stood out, I just put Cancun, Mexico on there. No names or dates, more work then I imagined. I plan to put cards, crossword puzzle books, a bittle stoppers, and cocktail for dummies. Again I have a small group of 15-20 and they range in age so I tried to think of everyone. At the dollar store they have the crossword books, at Target for a dollar they have the cocktails for dummies. Anything else I plan to grab when I'm down there, that way I don't have to lug it in down there. If you buy say 10-20 shot glasses there I'm sure you can bargain for a good price. Sorry so long! Anyone know where to get personalized cards. At becup they wanted $70 for 24 packs (that's the min. you have to order) which includes the setup fee. That seems like alot of money to me!
  13. Questions: Satin or Organza, I can't decide! I'm just having one long Table because I have about 15-20 guests coming. I'm way behind in planning and need to order these linens so does anyone know the table length for a longer table or show I just order a table runner, maybe two to be on the safe side incase more guest come. Any advice? I too want to do the laterns, how many do you think I should order. I have seen pics of these on the beach around the dinner tables.. They look so good but I forgot where I have seen the pics. I'm sure they put something in them to weigh them down. Good looking decorations if you ask me!
  14. Thank you so much for the info about the photographer. I'm a little nervous about adventure and I don't want to be cheap when it comes to our photos but if I can save the money that would be great. I love that centerpiece and those colors! So many choices and so little time!
  15. Does anyone know how the photographer for Dreams Cancun is? Or can all you girls let me know who is doing your photos.
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