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  1. Missy and Eric, I dont think that would be an issue, its your wedding attire and they cant tell you what to wear!. No worries I promise. And for who asked before, the extra layer of cake cost is $40.00. Much worth it.
  2. FYi ladies, the men can wear sandels, all my men for my wedding did. Thet dont say anythinv about it for ths reception dinner. Believe me they are not as strick as they seem. We saw men wearing jeans,and so did my friend along with sandels. Honestly its not a big deal. Ad long as you look nice they.dont say anything. Do sandels for the guys or they will be hating life. Hope this helps everyone.
  3. hello ladies, I will answer you about the minister fees. yes for 2011 400 dollars. our blissfull package was also 1350 dollars. so and you can imagine we were sad and shocked to hear about that lower costs. I just can't believe that the package price cut in half!! good for you new brides bad for us old brides. Lol lol.
  4. FLeetmac, we had a choice of 3 desserts 3 main courses 3 soups and 3 salad choices. we picked the caesar salad.and the stuffed chicken, along with the tomato soup. all the food was excellent. the service was very slow but well worth it. I recommend buying an extra layer of your wedding cake, having 3 layers was much more pretty. what time are you getting married at? we got married ep 330 but the wedding before us ran late, so we didn't start till almost 4. we were very rushed to get pictures of the sunset. I would suggest a wedding time no later than 3 pm. it is just my suggestion. do you have a photographer yet? if not may I suggest brain nejedly? anything else you need to know feel free to ask. best wishes to you
  5. Mekanabr, here is what I got for you... As for the rooms with a cd player, no they do not and some of them don't even have an alarm clock that works right. When you check in make sure to get TWO room keys as you will need one to stay in the unit on the wall by the door at all times to have electricity. It's weird I know but that is how it works. Just stick the key in and walk away . you don't get to pick the place for dinner, Chandlyn does this for you, and it is impossible to change it. We had Dulce Vitca (sorry I know that is not the right spelling. ) the Italian place. It was very good, as well as the other restaurants are very good too. We had 27 people at ours and it worked out great. we used the minister that they picked. He was great no worries on that. They know what they are doing so everything is good. we gave him a $20 tip for his services, and paid him an additional $40 to expedite our marriage license, or it could take up to 3 months to get. This way we should have it hopefully in a few weeks. Ocho's riu shops should work for you for flowers. we just used the resort flowers for us as that was included in the package. Plus for the table flowers we didn't feel the need to have them as the tables were decorated beautifully. Hope this helps, reply here is you need more questions answered, I'd be happy to help. Best wishes to you!
  6. AShley, that is great your price for your package is that cheap. We paid $1350 for our blissful package and we married 2 weeks ago. Im jealoud. Im assuming you are talking about the gran bahia resort. Lol. Just make sure to contact your credit card company if you plan on using it in jamaica. Most companies will put a hold on yer card thinking it was stolen. Plus there is anywhere from a 1-3% fee for every trandaction. Chair ties have to be paid by cash if you choose them for your quests. Do you have a photographer yet? If not cheak out Brian Nejedly. www.briandesign.com. I used him and loved everything about him and his work. Good luck!
  7. sorry ladies in my post about I meant to say the wedding pictures you get with your package are not very good. it got messed up in my first post because I'm using speech to text and it didn't work out very well. also if you do bring up photographer on to the resort there is a 75 dollars fee. you'll have it paid for ahead of time for the photographer to get onto the The photographer I used is brian Nejedly. Www.briandesign.com. amazing person he is. very professional and polite. check out his website to see his work. we stayed in room 18421, 4th floot, the view was awesome, plus the room would very very clean. for the bride and groom I highly recommend the bamboo rafting tours. it is a very relaxing. well worth the money. we also did this zip lining tours that was great too. any more information you need please reply and I will get back to you as soon as I can. best wishes to all you brides.
  8. HEllo, I just got married at the bahia resort. Chandly is great. Not exactly sure what you are talking about with the birth certificates, so ill tell you what I know I'm so far. we just sent in our passports birth certificates and divorce papers I had a time by fax. when we got there we offered her the originals of the birth certificate and she said we did not need them. I would bring them just incase. everything will work out the way you need it too I promise. justin f y I if you would like your marriage certificate back sooner than 2 to 3 months pay the minister an extrs 40 or 50 dollars to have it expedited for you. it should be on a ride in less than 2 months or so. probably less than that. our wedding went over beautifully and I would never change anything. if you are thinking of getting a photographer, I would highly recommend Brian Nedjely. He is amazing! his work is phenomenal. I will also tell you that offer taca for centauri rooted in your package price are not worth the pictures. they took 148 pictures and we could barely pick out the ten that were included in our package price. If you want good pictures higjer outside the resort. We didnt know what restaurant we had for the reception dinner until 2 days before hand. it is impossible to change once she has picked it for you. don't worry all the restaurants have a great food. anymore questions you need answer from me please feel free to reply. Thanks. Stacey. sit back relax have fun in everything will go as planned! the resort is beautiful, and the drinks are great.
  9. I just got married there on the 26th of February, so if you would like to see some pictures of the resort I can show you some. Just and FYI the resort photographers pictures are not so good. They took 147 pictures and it was hard for us to find 10 good ones, the color was all wrong, Thank god we hired Brian Nejedly, he was amazing. I would highly recommend him if you are planning on having a photographer. Chandlyn is the wedding cordinator you will work with, she is very nice and good. The meeting with her will be less than a half hour the day after you get there, but that is all you need. You pick your cake flavors, you get 3/4 wedding bouquets to choose from also. The tables clothes are white for dinner, the chair covers are no charge but the chair ties cost you money as that is a different vendor. Plus you have to pay cash for those no credit cards excepted. We ate at the Italian restaurant and we picked the Chicken with spinach and cheese I think, well anyways it was very good. The water is ok to drink at the resort, and the alcohol drinks are strong! If not just ask them to put more in and they will. Also if you plan on having your nails done, be for warned that it will take a good 4 hours to dry unless you go back and sit in your air conditioned room for an hour. They will smudge easy. Everyone there is very nice so you should have no problems. Hope all this helps! Stacey
  10. I just got married on February 26th and used Brian Nejedly and he was AMAZING!! He is very professional and does a great job taking pictures that you want along with pictures of every moment. His prices are reasonable for the great work he does. He is very timely in getting back to you on any questions you may have, and he will show up when and where you need him ahead of schedule. Yes you can find other photographers in Jamaica, however they work is no wheres near as nice and crystal clear as Brian's is that is why we paid a little more, and we are so glad we did. I wouldn't change anything except to have had him longer! He cares a lot about you and what you want from your wedding day. The website he offers you after he takes the pictures is up and running within a few days. This is where you can send a link for your friends and family to view. The High resolution disk will come shortly after that. He takes around 300 pictures for the smallest package he has, along with giving you a credit towards purchasing what photos you want simply from his site. Fast and easy! We were very impressed by his work and highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for someone to photograph their wedding in Jamaica. We stayed at the Gran Bahia Principe Resort in runaway bay, and I paid $75 to get him on the resort for the entire day. Drinks and food included. Not bad, plus the resort doesn't charge you to have your own photographer either. FYI I highly recommend taking a package that is more than the 3 hour one as its seems that that would be enough, but believe me it's not! I wish we could have had him longer. Times goes by so fast when you are having fun right? If you would like to see some photos of his work I can also do that as well for you.
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