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  1. Congratulations, the time sure has flown!! I have also been MIA and our wedding is now only 2 months away! Can't wait to hear all about it and see some pictures
  2. Sounds like a busy and exciting week!! Congrats and happy almost legal ceremony Can't wait to see pictures and hear how everything went, I'm sure it will be perfect. Do you have anyone at home that will be watching the live feed? If so, you'll have to let me know how the connection was. Congrats again and have a fabulous week!!!! xx
  3. It's been a few months since I've had the time to get on here and read the updates. Congrats to all of the September and October brides!!! Hard to believe that my wedding is less than 6 months away now and that we've been planning for almost a year! We booked the sky deck this week, after much contemplation. Our wedding group will be small, 15-20 at most so we can't have the pier location on the beach. We would have the smaller gazebo that's in the middle of the beach. The beach beds and chairs seem to be pretty close to the gazebo (I wasn't too thrilled over it). We're not doing a reception at home afterwards so we want to make the ceremony as intimate and special as possible. The other deciding factor was that I really want my grandparents to see the ceremony, my grandfather can't fly because of medical reasons so my cousin has said that he will set up a computer for them to be able to watch Sky deck brides-what was the live feed like? Were family and friends able to get a good picture and connection?
  4. That's awesome! We leave on the 16th so we'll probably miss you, unless we extend a few days for a honeymoon
  5. You're not alone! We have had some family issues as well. My Fiances father is not flying down because he refuses to fly, we offered to pay the extra for the sky wedding (even though we can't afford it) so that he could watch the live web cam. He told us not to bother, that he probably wouldn't watch it anyway. There have been other minor spats with people, to the point that I was so stressed out, told everyone that we sent invites out to that it was cancelled until further notice (even though it wasn't cancelled). Now we are just providing anyone who asks us about it with the info they need to book. We have fewer guests coming as a result but this is the wedding we want and have been looking forward to, we're not going to change things because of others. Surround yourself with the positive, that's what I have been doing So far it seems to be working.
  6. Thank goodness for these posts about the different beach locations!! Although our wedding is still far enough away (April) that it has already been corrected, I would have been devastated if we arrived and were disapointed. After reading the posts I checked our detail sheet, then google the name of our wedding location and realized that we weren't even booked on the beach, we were booked at the gazebo by the pool. I just assumed that we were on the beach. Our WC Erika, has already corrected this, but we can't be at the pier gazebo because it's for larger weddings (40 plus) so we opted for the beach gazebo closer to the premium section. I love this forum!!!!!!
  7. I don't but my sister does. Definitely recommend having a letter from the non-custodial parent giving permission, it really depends on who you get at the check in counter at the airport as to whether or not they actually ask for the letter. But better to be safe than sorry. I would check with your travel agent to see what exactly you need. When we went to Mexico this year we saw a family that was denied boarding because they did not have the letter and it was not pretty.
  8. Great review, lots of valuable information for sure You're wedding pictures are stunning, love your dress! Congrats
  9. I heard back from my WC a couple of days ago and forgot to post. S'mores bonfire is $15/pp for the 2012 wedding season, a least that's what she quoted me. Was there lots to go around? I went ahead and booked it because it sounds like a lot of fun. Did they have any little tables set up for drinks?
  10. That sounds awesome. I don't see it listed on their banquet menu I just emailed our wc to ask her about it. Thanks for sharing
  11. What about one of Karismas other properties? I have friends who have been to the el dorado maroma and the el dorado casitas and they said they're phenomenal. They're both adults only. We're looking at the Maroma for ours.
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