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  1. I am Nov 7th 2011 Ceremony at Dreams PB reception at Jellyfish
  2. congrats .......cant wait for pics and more details..did you go a la carte for bar too?who did you use for video? did you have ceremony on site?time?was it intimate or were there lots of public beach goers?
  3. Your phots are beautiful they captured your day in the natural form.................Love it
  4. Last week I had been talking with her but nothing this week no response...
  5. Wow no I didnt know..It kinda sucks that we dont get notified of any changes...Thanks for the info
  6. So much cheaper in Dec than Nov.who is this booking with ?what tour provider?
  7. Many of us in November I am November 7th to at Jellyfish
  8. Mee too I am getting 1318 with ebb booked by april 30th by the time my guests get the invite ill give them 2 weeks its impossible....I dont know what to do either
  9. I am trying to contact Jellyfish for an inclusive price list not getting replies...
  10. my fear for a poolside reception is my kids and guests kids falling into the pool
  11. I am nov 7 2011 at DPB Im so excited....What did you choose ie ceremony site ect..... I was there in Nov10 and eatched a few weddings..
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