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  1. We jumped the broom at our wedding and I'm so glad we did. A family friend who could not make the wedding made our broom as a gift. It was absolutely beautiful. In our family, an elder sweeps all of the negative energy away prior to the couple jumping the broom. Our pictures turned out so well, we choose our broom jumping pic to be the cover of our album.
  2. I absolutely loved Zoetry! The resort was truly amazing. I could live there, lol. The grounds are very well maintained, the maid service is impeccable, the food is great and the spa is heavenly. The staff really go out of their way to make the guests happy. We didn't stay for our honeymoon (taking that in May!) but we were upgraded to a caribe suite w/ a private plunge pool immediately upon check-in and received everything in our wedding package plus some additional freebies.
  3. I just had my wedding there and it was awesome. The prices are listed on kukua beach's website, including menu options. If you want something that's not on the menu, Bego (the coordinator) will go out of her way to get it for you. I'd email Kukua immediately and see if your date is available. Bego is not like the usual resort WCs. She's very responsive and prompt.
  4. Hi Annichou, At the time I reserved my wedding at Zoetry, they didn't offer an all-inclusive package, so it would have been more expensive to have my reception on property. Plus, we thought it was a nice touch to take our guests somewhere different. My reception at Kukua rocked and I wouldn't have changed a thing. However, judging from the job that Zoetry did on my impromptu spontaneous welcome dinner, I'm sure that a reception at Zoetry would have been amazing. There new all-inclusive packages are really affordable considering the quality that they provide. You cannot go wrong with Zoetry.. Regarding the nightlife, Zoetry is a "zen" brand, so there is no nightclub. The lobby bar is where most people congregate at night. Kenny is the best bartender ever! They do have special dinners and events going on but these are low key. They do have a shuttle however, that will take you to the Dreams resort if you want to watch shows, go to a casino, etc.( Zoetry guests can go to Dreams but Dreams guests cannot go to Zoetry) I never missed the "entertainment" and spent most of the time hanging out with my guests.
  5. Zoetry Agua in Punta Cana, DR! (Technically it's not adults only, but they have absolutely nothing that caters to children so no children go there, lol!)
  6. This looks amazing! Is it possible to extend for more than 5 nights?
  7. Hi Ladies, I know there are very few Zoetry reviews on here so I wanted to stop in and give a recap of my recent wedding at Zoetry. I only had my ceremony at Zoetry and I had my reception at Kukua Beach Club. Zoetry is a beautiful resort. The grounds are impeccable. We were given a complimentary upgrade to a caribe suite with a private plunge pool upon check-in which was a very pleasant surprise. Everything at Zoetry is top notch, from the food to the staff to the accomodations. Even the standard rooms at Zoetry are first-rate. Susana and Julissa met with us immediately upon arrival and finalized plans. We decided to have a welcome dinner and just asked them to make us a reservation at one of the restaurants. Well instead, they arranged for us to have use of the Indigo restaurant so that we could have a private 5 course dinner including signature cocktails. The day of the wedding, the wedding coordinators decorated the gazebo (which is really, really pretty and looks just like the pictures in the brochure). I ordered four flower arrangements from Zoetry and used chair sashes and petal cones that I brought from home. I went with the Tiffany chairs but the regular ones would have been just fine. They also sprinkled the petals on the walkway. Susana took care of booking all of my appointments. The spa at Zoetry is really good and everyone who works there is certified. The only snafu on my wedding day was Pastor Rick York...he showed up two hours late!! My photographer (HDC Photography) was having a fit because the sun was setting. So fortunately my uncle is a minister and he stepped up and saved the day! Pastor York showed up right after we completed the ceremony. He apparently had a lot of other weddings and some difficulty with traffic. Immediately after the ceremony, champagne with strawberries and tres leche cake was set up for the guests, while we took pictures on the beach. I had instructed Susana to go ahead and serve the guests while we took our pictures. However, Pastor York wanted to bless the cake since he wasn't able to perform the ceremony so everyone waited until we finished with the photos. I appreciated the gesture, but I was upset because the guests didn't have a chance to enjoy the champagne and cake because we had to go to the reception. Susana was a dear and made sure that the cake was served to everyone the next day for dessert. My reception at Kukua Beach Club was awesome! The wedding coordinator Bego did an amazing job! Our guests danced all night long! Our photographer even stayed late to get more pictures since our time had been cut into by the snafu with the ceremony. We didnt realize that he was bringing an assistant (we'd only arranged for one vendor meal) but Kukua fed the assistant for free for which I was very grateful. Kukua has a thread so I'll post more details over there. My guests all enjoyed Zoetry and my wedding immensely. Zoetry is a little more expensive than some of the other resorts but trust me, it's worth it. We've decided to go back for our anniversary. Zoetry has some really great all-inclusive wedding packages for 2012 which will make it much more affordable.
  8. I just got the info Danz, so I sent you a pm. If anyone else would like to see it, just let me know. I'm so excited because the quote for my wedding cake is $200 less than what I budgeted!
  9. I just want to say that Bego is the most responsive wedding coordinator in the Caribbean. I really think I'm going to enjoy working with her. She responds to all emails within 24 hours instead of 2 weeks,lol. Have any of you ladies opted to upgrade and go with natural flowers for your centerpieces instead of silk? If so, how expensive was it? I'm thinking about going for it because I really love flowers. Also, are you guys renting out the entire place?
  10. Thanks ladies for answering my questions and assisting with reading the map, lol. I totally understand your concern about paying $8/person for 60 guests. Yikes! We're only going to have about 24, maybe 30 (we have some stragglers, lol). Plus, our resort was so expensive that we're saving a significant amount of money, even with paying for transportation. Have you looked into hiring a bus directly? A travel agent could help you arrange it and you may get a better deal. Have you guys decided on menus yet? I've read that they are known for their paellas so I definitley want to include that in my meal. I've requested a copy of their restaurant menu to help with planning.
  11. I think you can organize transportation thru Kukua for $8/person on a bus. That's what we're planning to do. Thanks for the link to the map but I can't find Kukua on the map, lol. Which section is it in?
  12. Thanks Danz. We are staying at Zoetry Agua. They have a lovely stone gazebo that doesn't look like the typical wedding gazebos that Im absolutely in love with so we are having our ceremony there. As part of our package, we get a wedding cake and a champagne afterwards. So... since I'm from the South, we're going to call it the Groom's Cake and let the guests eat cake and drink champagne while we take a few pictures. Then, we are going to Kukua for the cocktail hour, reception and then we'll serve another cake. So I hope my guests are in the mood for lots of cake that day. So we did get a confirmation email from Bego but she did not tell us what the deposit would be or how to pay it. Does anyone know if it's a set fee or if it's a percentage of your estimated costs? Also, does Kukua take credit cards or paypal?
  13. I got great news today! My date is available so I'll be having my reception at Kukua! I'm really excited because I think that it will be a much nicer experience than having both ceremony and reception at the resort. Bego responds so quickly to inquiries. I'm really impressed so far. I read on tripadvisor that their paella is the signature dish so I want to make that an option for my menu. Are you guys renting out the entire space or just doing a partial rental?
  14. I was on the waiting list for Jellyfish and just found out today that the person ahead of me finally called and confirmed her date. (I am a little miffed because my fiance and I were prepared to pay immediately and we had to wait around for them to track down this other bride to find out if she still wanted the date, but I digress, lol) Anyway, so now we are looking at the Kukua Beach Club. We're still having our ceremony at the resort because we like the location, but at the last minute my fiance decided that he liked the idea of having the reception off property. So I'm waiting to hear from Kukua if our date is available and if it is, then I think we're going to go with them. I'm glad to hear that you ladies have had positive experiences so far with them. Does anyone know if they can do a set up similiar to Jellyfish for the cocktail hour?
  15. Miss K, You may want to schedule a conference call with the wedding coordinator. My fiance and I did this today (we're getting married at their sister property Zoetry) and it was so helpful.
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