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  1. thanks for the compliments!! and for Erika... I didn´t have to make a single alteration! It fit like a glove (even after losing 20 pounds!) the corset back is awesome!
  2. thanks for the compliments!! and for Erika... I didn´t have to make a single alteration! It fit like a glove (even after losing 20 pounds!) the corset back is awesome!
  3. HI ladies! here is the dress I posted a few months ago "in action". as you'll see it's not 100% identical to the inspiration dress, but I never expected it would be...I have NO complaints! It was done by Gianinar and it took just a little over one month. I'm attaching the inspiration dress and then some pics from the wedding... these are the only ones I have right now, and most of them have my flowers blocking the dress, but at least it gives you an idea...
  4. Hi ladies! my post of pics of my dress from Gianinar is being held by the moderator, since I'm just a "lurker" around here. hopefully they will be up soon!
  5. Hello Ladies! Please bare with me as I try to upload pics here for the first time. after months of agonizing over which shop to go with, I went with Gianinar, mostly because of their pay the deposit, get pics, then decide if you want to buy policy. I'm (trying) to post pics of the inspiration dress, the pics from Gianinar and one when I got the dress home...sorry, no pics of it on, we were in a huge rush with no camera, but It fits PERFECTLY! even after losing about 15 pounds. I made the initial measurements snug because I knew I was going to lose about 20 pounds before the wedding. my sister in law just did a really quick lace-up to make sure it fit and she said that I could lose (or even gain!) another 10 pounds and it would still fit perfectly... GO CORSET!!! I'm extremely happy with it! I actually stopped looking at the pic of the inspiration dress once I got "MY" dress. I think it helps if you don't compare them side by side and analyze every tiny detail and try to pick out the slight differences. I love my dress and I'm excited to wear it, that's all that really matters, right?
  6. BEAUTIFUL!! and GREAT tip on the ground transportation! THANK YOU!!
  7. thanks for responding! yes, it´s round trip, per person, there will be 3 of us on the way in and 4 of us on the way out ($78x3=$234 and $78x4=$312)... was your taxi fare $100 total or $100 per person?
  8. YAY! KrystaRyan! this makes me very happy! I just ordered my dress from Giannarbridal last week after agonizing over which shop to go with. Looks like they do great work! about how long did it take from the time you ordered until you received the pictures? they told me it would take 30-40 days to make my dress, but I forgot to ask if that was business days or calendar days so I´m a little nervous! haha your dress is really nice! can´t wait to see pics of it on!
  9. for those who have been there and back... did you have any issues with ground transportation? my travel agent wants us to book it ahead of time, but for $78 per person... that sounds pretty steep to me! I told her we would just get a taxi and she said it wouldn´t be a pleasant experience (whatever that means...) did anyone have any issues with ground transportation to and from the Cancun airport? thanks!
  10. I LOOOVE the ribbon on your clear bag! it is perfect for my color scheme. I went to the site, but I couldn´t tell which one it was, do you remember which one it was... was it 4A?? THANKS! your bags look GREAT!
  11. Thanks for all the feedback on using a TA. I kind of talked my husband into it and now I´m kicking myself because I feel like we could do it without one. He still wants to use one, so I must have been pretty convincing in my original argument. hahahah It´s kind of frustrating because the last message from our TA was that she could match competitor´s prices, so if I found a cheaper one I should let her know. I thought it was HER job to find us the cheapest rates! I guess I´ll start doing my own research too.
  12. Hi Kate! I´m in the exact same boat! I am still in the process of losing weight, so I´m not sure if I should wait a few months to order, or reduce the measurements a bit... did you decide what to do? and I know that I will lose the weight, I´ve just added it over the last year from the stress/adjustment of moving to a new country. I´m about 1-2 sizes bigger than my true normal. I thought maybe I´d just order one at my current size, and then just have it taken in, but I´m worried about how MUCH they will have to take it in! hahah will it still look like the same dress? Let me know what you decide... my wedding is in September, so I think my deadline to get something ordered will be June 1.
  13. hello ladies! this is my first post! we´re getting married at the Jade on September 19, 2011. this forum has been SO extremely helpful! I can´t thank you all enough! I spent 4 solid days reading EVERY page before deciding on Jade. I followed along with all your ups and downs, trials and tribulations, in the planning process and then got to hear about how wonderful your special day was! It has been amazing! I´m an American girl, but my husband is Norwegian, and we live in Norway. We got married last year (on paper) so I could stay in Norway. let me tell you, trying to plan a wedding in a country you know very little about was horrible! I finally talked everyone into a destination wedding and now the REAL planning has begun! with only 6 months left! YIKES! We are on the verge of signing on with a travel agent, but I´m just not sure. I just want to get everyone the BEST possible rates (especially since some of them are making the long trip from Norway) I´m afraid there´s a chance her quote will be higher than what we could get through the hotel. I guess if that is the case my husband and I can tell the guests to make their own reservations, and my husband and I will just have to go with what she gives us (or lose our $300 deposit) After the recent posts, i´m just wondering if we even NEED a travel agent? btw, my wedding coordinator is Ana. so far so good. she left me hanging for a few days after I sent in the reservation form which kind of freaked me out. but i finally heard back and we are set! again, thank you all SO much for your information, helps, advice, pep talks, everything! you keep me sane!!! kim
  14. What happened to all the online information?? I saw a pdf on their website of the wedding packages, extras, etc., last week and now that I´m comparing all the resorts side by side, that information is GONE. They´ve removed it from the website! Does anyone have this information and would be willing to send it along to me? I would really appreciate it! If I can figure out how to do a PM I will send you my email address! THANK YOU in advance!! kim
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