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  1. Oh I also should tell you that the make-up and hair people here are great! I got my hair done and makeup done by them and it turned out wonderfully. I brought my own pictures and my own make-up to give to them because all they had was NYX and Wet n Wild type makeup (cheap stuff), so I provided all of my base colors to her in advance. Okay I'm done for now, so much to share!
  2. Hello Ladies!! I am officially married! June 18th, 2011 @ the Grand and the wedding was absolutely amazing. You all have nothing to worry about. The weather was perfect and the day and night was amazing. Definitely a dream come true. Will post pictures and a review once we return! Happy planning!!
  3. 12 days and counting for me and still so much to do!! I am having the hardest time reaching Janielle and Jodi for questions! Anyone else having problems?!! I have pressing questions that need to be answered!! Anywhoo, is anyone planning on using the make-up service provided by the Grand? I was planning on using them to do myself and my bridesmaids since I do not want to pay to get a pass for Rishel. Have anyone seen their work? This is one of the pressing questions that have gone unanswered :/ June 18th, 2011 Iberostar Grand
  4. Any ladies getting married in June 2011??? Have any of you seen the weather lately??? June 18th, 2011 Iberostar MBJ
  5. Ahhhhh any June Jamaican Brides?? Have you guys seen the weather? June 18th, 2011 Montego Bay, JA
  6. I'm going through the same frustrations!! They are horrible to get back to and sooooo expensive! The flowers included in the package are cheap looking and not worth it! I'm going to have them supply my arch and other items, but for my bouquet, I'm going to do my own thing. Outside florists for a really nice bouquet are like $40 compared to $200!
  7. Hey Ladies, I have finalized the look I'm going for and wanted your opinion. I'm leaning towards the long curls look, but am worried about the humidity and wondering if my curls would fall. I'm thinking it would be best to have my hair up like in the images below. The J-Hud image is the make-up look that I am going for. What do you guys think? Also, hope this helps bring inspiration to some of you still pondering. y
  8. Thanks so much guys! I let them know that we would be covering hairstyling and make-up and hinted that if they wanted anything additional they were responsible for that. Sounds like everyone is on board. Phew!! Now I just need to get my hair in order! lol
  9. Hmmm we received 7 nights for $2880 total at the Grand for a June wedding, which is $411 a night and not per person. I went with AAA travel services to book my wedding party and guests.
  10. Question ladies! Are any of you planning to pay for your bridesmaids to get their "weave" done or just the hairstyling at the resort? I was planning on just paying to get their hairstyled and make-up done, which is customary. I was not planning on paying for them to get their "weave" done! It was hinted by one of my bridesmaids! lol
  11. Hi Beach and Suites Brides: Quick question. Does anyone have the price lists for services at the Beach and Suites such as hair and make-up? I am getting married in a month at the Grand, and my bridesmaids and some of the wedding guests are staying at the Beach. I am looking into having their hair and make-up done at the Beach since I would assume it would be cheaper than the Grand. If anyone can share the price list that would be great! Thanks so much!
  12. Grand Brides! Do you have all of your wedding party staying at the Grand along with the majority of your guests? My wedding party is spread out bridesmaids at the Beach, Parents at the Suites, and Groomsmen at the Grand! Grrr! Does anyone else have this issue? I was hoping that all of my wedding guests and party would be in one spot.
  13. Jonesr1979- You looked great! Did you get a full sew-in or did you have hair left out?
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