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  1. Just had our wedding at the Barcelo Punta Cana on October 15th. I'd be happy to share the experience we had or answer any questions you might have about the resort--just message me.
  2. Below is a link to the site I purchased them from--we are having such a small wedding, we decided just to travel with them in our checked luggage--shipping them to DR would be ridiculous! http://www.empirewine.com/wine/pommery-pop-nv-187ml/
  3. I found these cute little Pommery Pop chamgpagne bottles I wanted to ship to the resort and have in our guests rooms when they arrive--but I can't seem to find a company that will ship alcohol there--not even sure if it is legal. Does anyone know of a company that does?
  4. Dania and Dru-- Thank you so much for sharing all that info--it's a huge relief to hear that someone else's there went well. I would love to see the pics! What is the beach party I keep hearing about? Also, what florist in Bavaro did you go to?
  5. We are having our wedding at the Barcelo Punta Cana in October and are at the 100 day mark (yay!). I'm just am curious to hear form other DW brides what items should be set in stone with the planner at this point. Of course, the obvious details (date, place, time, wedding package) have been chosen. As far as the cake, reception location (we are choosing one of the several restauraunts at the resort), flowers, ceremony decorations and additional activities (scuba excursion and welcome party for our guests)...are these typically done closer to the actual date? I guess I just feel anxious with the amount of things that still seem slightly up in the air.
  6. Our ceremony is set for 11:30am and reception dinner won't start until 6pm. I've requested a later ceremony date if possible but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. What do we do with all that time in between?
  7. Looking for a simple, tan linen suit for my fiance to wear at the ceremony, which will be on the beach in the Dominican Republic. Any suggestions--links and pictures especially-- would be much appreciated!
  8. We are sticking with the least expensive package and adding on the extras that we want (bonfire on the beach, live music for the ceremony, etc.) Most of the items included in the packages were things we didn't really care too much about, so it just made more sense to add on the things we really wanted.
  9. We've been working with Ariana as well--she typically responds back to emails within a few days. I'm glad to hear that you started getting all the details worked out 5 months in advance--we are at the 6 month mark. Did you use the resort's photographer? And did you happen to pay the extra $50 for the beach bonfire? We're thinking about taking the wedding reception out to the beach after dinner. Are there any suggestions or recommendations you would make? Thanks in advance!!
  10. Congrats!! Ours is October 15th at the Barcelo Punta Cana! I wish it was next month--even though I only have the location, wedding colors and photographer picked out! Can't wait!
  11. CCM--I've been having second thoughts about booking there. Have not been able to find anyone who actually had their wedding there. And you're right, the reviews are all over the place. Interested to know what you learned. Thanks!
  12. This is a review of:

    HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe

    The BEST!!

    Pros: Professional, Personable
    Cons: None!
    We booked with HDC for our wedding at the Barcelo Punta Cana and were blown away by the professionalism and quality work from our photographer as well as Arnaud. Arnaud was fantastic about staying in touch via email before the left for DR. The photographer was on-time, had a great personality and had fun with our guests.   Two days after the wedding, Arnaud came to the resort to meet with us and personally show us the slideshow of our completed pictures. We had the least expensive package
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