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  1. I received my bridesmaids dresses late last week from MonicaBridal and they are FANTASTIC! not only are they almost an exact match to what my girls asked for but the quality is amazing! The bodice has boning, the hems are perfect and there are even the little elastic straps on the inside of the dress to help hold the 'strapless' dresses up. When I get a chance I will take some photos up close to give you an idea, but I would easily order from them in a heart beat and my sister is ordering a dress for herself and her daughter very soon ps I understand when I post my pictures that the 'style' of dress is not everyone's preference and may look like maternity dresses etc but I just want to show the quality to you all!
  2. No prob's Court! and I know what you mean, we had no problem getting my bridesmaid into dresses that fit her in her size but they would never fit her "top half" we either had to go up a size in the dress just to get it to fit "the girls" but then it would look way too big everywhere else OR we would find dresses we could get her into but because her boobs are so big the dress would just look trashy because there was so much cleavage! This is why we decided to go the custom made route because we could have the dress made to accomodate her upper half perfectly )
  3. lol it is funny you say that prettypigpig, the reason we got dresses like this is because my sister will have only JUST given birth 2 months before my wedding and is worried about the "jelly belly" and another of my BM's is larger and didnt want anything that would cling to her and show "lumps n bumps" so we figured the almost maternity style was suited for what they were looking for I am sure they will look beautiful once they are on! AND on a more exciting note they were shipped today so when I receive them I will post some actual pics. I know they are NO WHERE near as exciting as all the beautiful wedding dresses we are seeing but I am still excited about my online purchase and figured I might as well post them here incase anyone else is looking at getting BM dresses! ;o)
  4. I am even happier with the second pictures I have received with the sweetheart neckline that I had asked for and I am sure they are only going to look even better on my girls
  5. Ok I got photos of my bridesmaid dresses from monica bridal and I am pretty happy! ) The girls want a sweetheart neckline so I emailed monica bridal asking for this to be altered but all in all for $59 I think we have made a good choice! They are not completely finished yet so you can still see the pins, please let me know if you see any faults that I should let them know for final alterations! They assured me the dresses are black also, and it is just the lights and flash of their camera that have made them look a little washed out. The pictures of this dress are for my bridesmaid with a BIG bust so it looks a little droopy on this mannequin.
  6. I dont think I can see the pictures cos I am too new to the post, but I would love to see if someone could tell me how?!?! ) Did they say when you will receive your dress? I just had a chat with monica bridal (where I have ordered my bridesmaid dresses) and they said they dont think my dresses have even been made yet but if one has they will send me pics in the next few days, they also said that the dresses will be made in the next 6 days and shipped in the next 8 so I hope they dont try to rush them?!?!?
  7. Thanks JoanneIreland the girls all got together and decided something like this was the way to go for all there different body shapes. Now I just gotta sit around with my fingers crossed hoping that they turn out good
  8. Wow Graciemurano the beading and embroidery on your dress is probably the best I have seen yet on this thread it looks like they have put a lot of work into it I have just ordered my bridesmaid dresses from Monica Bridal and have my fingers crossed!!
  9. Hey ladies I am new to all this and SO glad I came across this thread I always had the plan to buy my wedding dress online but could never find good enough reviews to feel confident enough! So I have already bought my dress before finding this but have decided to get my bridesmaid dresses from Gianinar Bridal (ebay) They were REALLY quick to reply to me and have quoted me $300 total for all 3 dresses including the shipping My girls were still a little bit worried about ordering online so I have asked if I can pay a $50 deposit for them to get one dress started and then I will confirm with them once I see the proof pictures if it has been made the way we want! I figured this way even if I take the risk and it doesnt work out I am only out of pocket $50 but if they turn out just as beautiful as the other dresses I have seen on here then we will have ourselves a bargin!!! Cant wait to see all your dresses you girls have ordered!!!!!
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