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  1. Hey Everyone! I'm back, it was an awesome resort.... So glad we chose to go there! As far as getting hair and make-up done there I would go else where I had eight girls in my wedding and they all hated their hair. I like mine but my make-up was too light and I had to get my sister to fix it for me before the wedding. I will write a detailed review later. TI is by far the best photographers ever, and it was so much fun. I can't wait to see our pictures..... Our beaches picture was terrible! Glad I made the decision to go with TI!!
  2. Stella, Your pictures came out really nice, you looked great! Congrats..... Did anyone get the video from beaches??? How did it come out?
  3. My package cost $245 it includes the trial, make-up, hair, and mani & pedi the day of wedding
  4. Hey ladies, I am super excited to be leaving on Sunday! Our total number of guest is 44, it's going to be a huge party!! One week from today and I'll be a Mrs. I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures and write a detailed review when I return! Good luck planning, ladies at this point it finally seems all worth it.... And Congrats to all the ladies getting married within the next weeks!!
  5. Brandy, Great pictures.... I'm so glad you posted so many because on TI site we only get to see a few. They are so beautiful and everything looked perfect!
  6. Brandy, Where did you get your dress for your welcome dinner? I love it!
  7. Brandy, Great review and thanks for including bar/ activities in your review. I'm so worried about our guest not having anything to do late night, so reading your review was comforting! Also thanks for posting that food was served until 6am, I was wondering about that also! It was really helpful. Congrats on the wedding!
  8. A-and-A, You'll have to let me know when you get back how you made out cause I am worried about my guest not controlling themselves the night before the wedding. We have a lot of 35 and unders going who are like to party and drink. I had a similar plan to get them all drunk so they would have a hang over the day before the wedding and not drink but I'm nervous about that not working.... haha Also let me know if you guys fit in or if everyone stares at the drunk partiers. Have a great time!
  9. Love the Pictures! So beautiful..... I can't wait! Is so Amazing your wedding song? I notice the lyrics on one of the photos, that is our wedding song!
  10. I am getting married in May and I also booked a suite in the Caribbean village. My TA has told me amazing things about the resort and the suites in that village. I did hear that the regular rooms were outdated though, so you should be fine as long as your in a suite. Also a bride posted a review on this thread not to long ago about her stay and room in the Caribbean village, she had lots of good things to say about her stay, room, and her concierge!
  11. My fiance and I are getting married in May at Beaches T&C. We have about 45 guest coming to the wedding most of our guest like to drink, like really drink! It's too late now to change the place of our wedding but I am nervous about being too wild for that resort. Has anyone else been there with a crowd that likes to party? Did you feel out of place or like you couldn't have a good time?
  12. Did of the brides on here use the spa at beaches to get their hair or make-up done? Just wanted to know if they do an awesome job or not?
  13. Hey Ladies, You do not understand how happy I am to have found this blog. It's filled with such great info and I love reading the reviews from the brides who were just married. Mr. & Mrs. Rodriguez May 19, 2011 At 1 pm 45 guest plus Bride and Groom!
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