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  1. My husband and I were married there April 30th of last year. Our wedding coordinator was Vinnette (sp?). She was AMAZING. The sandals photographers are great--we loved our photos. They don't touch them up or anything but you can do a lot of that on your own anyway. We were so incredibly impressed with our whole experience. What I will tell you--the people that you talk to on the phone are in Miami. They are salesmen/women. They are NOT (and many have never been) onsite. Why I am telling you this is because when you get there, some things may change. Shouldn't be an issue since it is just the two of you (like it was with us). Don't stress. Vinnette or whomever you deal with on site will make everything perfect. I had my hair and makeup done at the spa and they were great. They do a fantastic job. As far as location goes, I agree with Kat2012--the beach isn't the best place. We were married on the pier outside Kimono's because that was the prettiest spot to us. There is one gazebo that most people get married at but honestly, I didn't like it. They don't make you decide any of that until you get there anyway so you will have time to look around some beforehand. I also have a few pictures in my profile. I can get you more if you want to look--I just couldn't get them to upload. Let me know if I can help!
  2. Complete opposite situation but still the "What is wrong with people" heading. My FI (now hubby) and I were engaged in November. His brother and his FI were engaged about two years ago. We have talked for a while about going away and doing our weddings at the same place. Not a double wedding, just the 4 of us going together. We respectfully asked that people allow us to do this on our own. I lost my father 5 years ago and he lost his just in October. Our families do not get along (i.e. his mom and sister fight like siblings and my sisters fight like, well, siblings) among multiple other reasons. Additionally, his family is huge and if you do anything you have to invite all 80 of them. We do not have the money (and more than anything the desire) to do a big wedding. At any rate, feelings were hurt (which we expected) but everyone knows us and knows that this is what we have always wanted. I am respectful of the fact that we hurt feelings. But I also know that both of us would have been miserable trying to plan and execute a big traditional wedding (it would have been no less than 200 people). When we got engaged, we planned a destination wedding in Jamaica with just the 4 of us. We would get married, they would get married--in separate ceremonies--and we would all enjoy a drama and stress free wedding/honeymoon together. I took the moms dress shopping with me and have included them in any way they wished with planning our party for when we got back. Everyone had finally come around and was excited for us despite the fact they weren't coming. Fast forward to this past Saturday. We moved wedding times around to accomodate photo/video needs etc--not a big deal since it was just the 4 of us. Our ceremony was at 10am, followed by a short reception and pictures. I then showered, changed to help future SIL get ready for her ceremony at 2. As I am getting out of the shower, hubby comes in and tells me that his mother has SHOWED UP uninvited to the resort. Ugh. (yes I know I am a horrible person for not inviting anyone but we figured that it was better than lying and sneaking around). So I go down to the salon to tell SIL the news so she isn't surprised with it while walking down the isle (woudn't make for pretty pictures). She is as angry as I am about it and starts crying out of pure frustration. I talked to MIL for about 30 seconds only because she spotted me before I could duck out of the way. I was cordial but not overly friendly. MIL is now angry with me because I wasn't excited to see her. And on top of that, the cousin that came with her is apparently running around town bragging about crashing our wedding. SERIOUSLY??? Why couldn't she respect our wishes to have a private ceremony? Not only that, but you want to go home and BRAG about it??? And WHAT makes her think that she is invited on my honeymoon? My mother is appauled with her for showing up. She would have loved to be there herself (as would SIL's family) but respected us enough to not sneak around on us. SIL father is pissed because he got wind of the bragging about crashing the wedding before she ever got home. Apparently he is so angry he couldn't even watch their dvd of the ceremony. If that's not sad, I don't know what is. Am I wrong for wanting a private ceremony??? We are having a party next weekend to celebrate with family and friends. I am stressed beyond belief about what kind of scene this woman is going to make at it in front of all the other people that are important to us. That and I am PISSED that within hours of our wedding she is already playing him against me and trying to pull us apart. THIS after she has spent the last 5 years relentlessly hounding us about getting married and she didn't care how and on and on, just htat we needed to quit living in sin blah blah blah... Anyway, sorry to crash the thread. I can't and won't talk badly about his mother to him (because unlike her, I respect him and don't want to put him in that position) so I needed somewhere to vent. Any input, positive or negative is welcome. I just needed to get that off my chest.
  3. I LOVE this dress!!! I didn't see it until after I purchased mine. It looks gorgeous on you!
  4. Gorgeous pictures Brandy!! Very unique!
  5. Our wedding is at 2pm so I'm guessing it would be a little crowded. The Reef Terrace is pretty and I'm a little intrigued by the pier but FI made a good point about nervous (or maybe anxious is a better word) hands combined with wedding rings on a pier. That wouldn't be a good start to the marriage!! Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! I am excited to read your review! Did you use the photographer at the resort at all or did you hire one outside?
  6. Nice! We have no guests coming but we are going with his brother and his fiance who are getting married there as well. I actually found out the resort chaged their name when I went online to show someone the room type we were staying in and couldn't find the resort. Minor panic moment!! Good idea to head to a different resort for the honeymoon. That was one of the reasons we decided to go pretty much alone. I just don't know how I feel about "running into" our moms, sisters, etc etc my whole honeymoon. :-) We have been together for a long time and lived together almost the whole time so we just wanted something low key!
  7. Been lurking the boards for a while but getting really excited reading everyones posts so decided I would come out of hiding! I think I am the very last of the Aprill 2011 brides!! We are getting married at Sandals Grande Riviera (formerly Grande Ocho Rios) on April 30th!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Hi to everyone!!
  8. Its going to be the two of us and then his brother and his fiance. They are getting married while they are there too. They are low key like us and wanted a no stress wedding as well. We actually had talked about doing this before he and I were even engaged. First wedding for all of us but we have had a ton of friends get married in the last year or so and every single one of them said if they had it to do over again they would elope or do a small destination wedding. :-)
  9. LOVE LOVE LOVED this dress...until I tried it on. Its so beautiful on you ladies!! Not so much on me!! :-)
  10. Getting married at Sandals Grande Riviera on April 30, 2011!! Getting excited! We are doing the beautiful beginnings theme. Anyone have suggestions on location of the wedding. My instinct is to go with the beach but I keep hearing it is small and crowded. Thoughts?
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