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  1. Hi Janine - Oops! I left off my email deb@patchdesign.ca We're heading down for October 25th to get married and I'm SO excited. Your thread really helps! PS: Did you feel warm in your veil or is it OK? I'm up in the air about wearing one, but it looks SO pretty!!
  2. Thanks for an amazing wedding thread!!!! Everything looked so funky and your concept for the wedding was stunning! Congratulations!! As a quick side note, I tried to download the different .DOCs you posted, but it said I couldn't download? I'm wondering if maybe I can contact you via email? I'd love the DJ list and curious about the poems you posted too. All the best!! Deb
  3. Dear DRC Brides!! After 10 years together, Chris and I are tying the knot on October 25th 2011! I was wondering if there are any other brides out there joining us during the same week? We're still looking to book our photographer and I wondered if anyone would be interested in sharing our photographer with us for the same week? Can't wait to hear from you! Deb & Chris
  4. I am working off Safari, on a Mac. I am also getting the error of "Date Not Found". I thought I was doing something wrong Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon. Thanks!
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