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  1. @Ashleyrae - your wedding looked beautiful! I'm also getting my hair and makeup done by whatever is included in the package. I'm glad and relieved to know you had a great experience! Congratulations!!!
  2. Hi Shawnarochelle, First and foremost, congrats! I also booked the gazebo and cascade terrace. From all the pictures I've seen, I'm pretty sure it will turn out perfectly!!! I chose both a symbolic and legal ceremony. We are doing our legal ceremony (only about 15 minutes) first thing in the a.m. on the same day as our symbolic. We will only have our witnesses present, so it doesn't take away from what we consider our "real" wedding later on that day. We wanted to make sure our "official" marriage is the same as the day we celebrate with our family and friends. Dreams is charging an extra $300 to have both on the same day.
  3. Hi kabee55, I guess it depends on when your wedding is. I don't recommend going on an all protein diet until about 2 weeks before your wedding, to shed the last few pounds. Eating all protein, you lack the necessary nutrients your body requires that you get from fruits and veggies. It will also slow your metabolism. And even worse, once you start eating carbs and sugars again, you will most likely gain twice as much weight as you lost. I don't pretend to know what's good for everyone else, but I know from experience going on the Atkins diet a few years back. I lost 15 lbs in about 2 weeks, but then gained back about 25 lbs 3 months later. For me, the best diet is eating small, nutritious meals 5 times a day and complementing it with a balance of weight training and cardio about 4-5 times per week. Doing this, so far I have lost 9 lbs in 4 weeks! Good luck with whatever diet you decide to go on!
  4. Ladies - did any of you get your hair and makeup done by Dreams, that's included in the package? If so, where you satisfied with how it turned out. It would really help if you can PM me some pictures as well. Thanks in advance!
  5. Awww, thanks Chelsea! The ladies on this forum really inspire me to get to where I want to be on my wedding day!!! So much of my success is really owed to this site.
  6. Congrats choeft201!!! Great inspiration to really work my butt off and get some results! I'm on the 6 week body makeover and have lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks! Great food combinations that catered to my habits and metabolism. That and 5 days of working out are a great combination! Keep up the great work ladies!!!
  7. Congrats Azadeh! Can't wait for your review and some pics!!!
  8. Mwise17, you are absolutely right!!! The key to feeling better about yourself is putting yourself first! Congrats and great job!!!
  9. Thanks so much for the motivation, bondgirl! It's great to know that you've kept the weight off for over a year now! I actually mix up my workouts as well, especially with the weather being much nicer now, I get to do a lot of outside activities. Thanks again for sharing you experience!
  10. i've been looking online for similar bags and just can't see to find these. i think you mentioned you got them at the christmas store? are these online by any chance?
  11. That's pretty much almost the same diet we're on. We can only eat 1/2 cup of carbs for breakfast and lunch. The rest is protein, veggie and fruit. We only started this week and we've already both lost about 4 lbs! This CAN'T be real and I'm afraid that once I start adding carbs back into my diet, I'll gain it all back! So I guess we'll have to really be careful until November and just eat THIS healthy for 6 months...yikes!!!
  12. Trisha - thanks so much for sharing these pictures! The shots are absolutely gorgeous!!!
  13. Hi ladies! I'm getting married on 11/11/11 at Dreams Los Cabos. FI and I live in Buffalo Grove (northwest suburb). Hope everyone is doing well with their planning!
  14. Are you doing the 6-week body makeover?! FI and I want to try this diet but I'm afraid of the same thing...gaining it all back! How's it going so far? Hopefully it works out well for all of us. *crossing fingers*
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