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  1. [spoiler=Warning: Spoiler!] The currency used most frequently fir tipping etc. was US dollars. Although I did see pricing in JA dollars. We only brought US (no Cnd) with us.
  2. Our wedding in Jamaica at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach cost us approximately $17 000 including our flights, atire ( 2 dresses;) rings, services etc. 50 guests attended and we hired a DJ, fire dancer, did a wish lantern release and a bonfire. We rented 50 chivari chairs and purchased flowers for the huppa, 4 low and long centerpieces in rented urns, 5 bouts, 2 bridesmaid bouquets , 1 bride bouquet, and 2 corsages. Toronto would've definitely been l more costly!!!!!! I might have to revise that figure once I have all my receipts in order!
  3. Since some of my guests had been to DW before they noticed that we were treated like regular guests. With so much on my mind I didn't even notice until a friend of mine recounted her son's DW. Initially I didn't think about complaining but when my husband also noticed, I knew it was significant. He felt bad because during the wedding planning he reassured me that everything would be great and to have confidence in the professionals there. I'll elaborate in my review, but overall the staff were great, but the Suites spa staff (Camille, Grace, and a few others) were wonderful! I could tell the difference in customer service when I went over to my hair appointment and to book appointments for my guests. I can't believe it's over either. It was an amazing week! As I type right now my husband is saying it was the best wedding ever because in 10 yrs from now we'll have a lot to laugh about! lol. Stay tuned for my review!!
  4. The morning of the wedding was beautiful and then clouds rolled in along with showers in the afternoon. My wedding was scheduled at 4pm and at about 2pm the phone rang and I was told that the ceremony would be moved inside!!! I was in shock at that point and asked if we could wait to see if the rain would pass. Luckily it did and thank goodness I didn't agree when said they were going to set up inside. I felt a little better whenmy sisiters told me they could see the chairs being set up onthe beach. Mind you the legs of the huppa looked like toilet paper was wrapped around them! Very diappointing! I'll write a full review soon.
  5. Thanks for posting the groupon. I've only compared prices with the bridal salon where I bought my dress. The bridal salon could do it themselves for $250 + tax or they could refer me and I could take it in myself and pay $350 + tax. So, I purchased the groupon for cleaning and preservation-$189. I will let you all know how it turns out on my first dress. Has anyone lse used it??? Thanks again!
  6. Congratulations!!! I'm back too! I had a good time as well. There were many annoying hiccups at the Beach. My husband actually approched staff about them because he wanted me to feel like a bride. Anyway, the rain held up enough for us to have our ceremony on the beach. How did you make out?
  7. We leave in one week from today as well. How are you doing? Are you packed and ready to go? I feel like I'm forgeting something. I'm frantically trying to get all of the paperwork together for seating and rooms to the resort today. I also have to print my escort cards/table seating plan,create the ceremony program, vows and the reception script!! If that isn't enough already, I have to find inspiration pictures for my hair and makeup. Afterwards, I'm going to continue packing my clothing and decorations and hope I'm not overweight.
  8. Hey ladies, You might find some reviews about this venue in the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites or Beach review section. I think there may be about 2 of them. They had their wedding at Rose Hall Great House and their receptions and Iberostar. Good luck!
  9. Whoot whoot!!! Congratulations Nikadawn! Your words, "I'll just sum it up for now by saying that I have ZERO regrets" tell it all. I can't wait to see and hear more. You looked amazing!!!! Love the dress choice.
  10. This sounds amazing Lizk23! I'd love to know more about these wedding/reception packages. I'm almost thinking that if I were to do something like this I would just stay over there for the reception too! Would you be able to PM me the pricing they sent you please? Thanks so much!
  11. Hey atalanta, Ohhh no I don't personally feel mislead as I'm trying to be as laissez-faire as possible. I was just responding to the comment of another bride. Not for any reason in particular, but for my own planning sense I've booked all the locations that I want to use well in advance. So, hopefully things will materialize as planned. If they don't....I guess it's plan B! LOL So are these off site weddings expensive? How much they cost? What's included? I'm curious. Does anyone know?
  12. We bugeted to save a few hundred dollars each/month and put it in a tax free savings account.
  13. Hey CourtandMatt, I initially ran into the same problem when I was planning my wedding last summer (2011) for 2012. I was too early to get reasonable rates, and I got quotes that were close to $2000 for 7days once taxes were added. I contacted a wonderful TA about 1yr and 1month ahead and she gave me a wonderful quote. I compared this rate to the last minute rates in 2011 and the quotes of other TAs. To make a long story short, it became evident that I got a great deal for the resort I had chosen. The only skeleton in the closet right now is that the flight times are not confirmed this early in advance. Hopefully there are no stopovers. I think a great TA makes a world of difference! Good luck.
  14. Hey beachbum21, I might be able to help you out....I've been to Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and other beaches worldwide, however not the exact IRHB location. We used water shoes when we went on a day trip to climb Dunn's River Falls (Ochos Rios). In fact, they sell them right at the falls because you are required to wear them while climbing, since the stones can be quite slippery. So, if you plan do this excursion I would highly recommend getting them. You can find them at a very affordable price at Walmart or Canadian Tire (less than $10 Cnd-this was around Dec 2010). My FI thought ahead and bought them just in case. Like you said the beach sand isn't fine and powdery like other well known beaches in the Caribbean, so it's good to have them handy. The level of seaweed etc depends on the season. Hope this helps. Happy planning!
  15. I agree call Silvia and find out if any of the other bride's events (welcome dinner, bonfire etc) are going to conflict with yours. The nice thing is that she won't be getting married there. Let's just hope that her party isn't large and that the quality of service won't be compromised due to two events happening on the same evening. Although from what I've read, I get the impression that the WC caters to YOU when you have your wedding on the property. That's just my opinion. The other bride would have had to coordinate her wedding with an outside company, so I wonder how much IRHB will be involved at the resort events besides providing reception service and food. That's something you should ask. Anyway technically you are the bride that day at IRHB! Don't worry, everything will work out beautifully. Good luck and keep us posted!
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