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  1. I'm going with the Gran Porto Real in December 2011, and I'm very excited!
  2. I have heard the same thing. A couple of weeks ago the tax was cheaper by 200, now it's very expensive. Also, we've changed our date from January to December because it was $1000 cheaper per person.
  3. Those are so hard to find! Have you sold them yet?
  4. Does anyone know the email of the wedding coordinator at Gran Porto Real?
  5. Hi! After much consideration we've decided to get married on December 7th at the Gran Porto Real! I'm very excited and a little sad that there is not that much info up here about it. Anyway, I'll let you guys in on my wedding planning as it goes along
  6. My TA is also insisting there is a wedding gazebo. I haven't seen one or heard of one though.
  7. Hi everyone!! Thanks for this amazing thread! I am a new DT bride as well and this thread has been so helpful! Username: fabbrunette Names (optional, first names only): Margarita & Josh Date & Time: January 2012 - still deciding exact dates Wedding package: Ultimate or the one below Wedding extras (and cost charged): none (yet) Type of ceremony: Symbolic Coordinator: ? Number of guests: 12 Ceremony location: Beach I thnk Reception location: seaside grill? Photographer: don't have one yet Videographer: don't have one yet Review (link): Photos (link): Video (link): Special arrangements / activities (i.e. welcome dinner, special set-up, anything that's not the norm): welcome dinner, a day trip to xcaret, and maybe the pirate ship cruise in cancun?
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