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  1. BDW Name Real Name Departing Wedding Date Location kelnces kelly 10/31 - 11/13 11/4/11 Mexico Can't wait. I am one month out! Will try to get some pix up soon of my OOT bags & maracas. Picking up my dress next Saturday, time is really flying.
  2. I am planning my wedding which is surprisingly larger than we had anticipated at 79 guests and 7 kids and the divine package price for those over 25 wasn't negotiable but they were able to give deals on other things we are doing like the welcome dinner, private bar, linens etc Hope this helps with your planning. We were surprised at the cost too but feel blessed to have so many people making the trip!
  3. Does anyone know if the civil ceremony's language is different than the legal ceremony in Mexico? We are currently having the same conversation and wouldnt want our Mexico wedding (if only a civil) to not have the I now pronounce you husband and wife, or you may now kiss the bride portion. We too are nervous about the needles and the timeline to have everything translated and accepted back in the states. Any input or feedback would be really appreciated as we're about 6 weeks from our wedding so we have to decide soon!
  4. Only 57 days for me! This is getting so exciting!!!! Has anyone figured out their ceremony music yet?
  5. thats a really great idea, we have a large group and i read that capacity in the restaurants is only 35 people. We are looking at having over 75, so I may have to do a private event. I reached out to Anel to find out our options and am awaiting her response.
  6. I have been in touch with Anel and although her emails are a bit delayed, she seems very organized and responsive. I have been using the same email address to contact her as I originally had with Sandra. Is anyone else having a welcome reception and if so what is the location you are using?
  7. I am soo excited for the home stretch, my wedding is November 4 - quickly approaching! Has anyone decided on what footwear they and their fiance are wearing for the ceremony on the beach? I have naturally curly hair nd am a little nervous about the weather, I really want to wear my hair down - does anyone know what to expect with the humidity level at that time? Good luck with planning everyone!!! "
  8. I'm getting married the same day 11-4-11at the now sapphire too! How is your planning going? I hope well! We have about 35. People booked so far. Sooo exciting!
  9. add me to the list! we are getting married 11-4-11 at now sapphire riviera cancun. so excited! does anyone have their bridal party (if you are having one)'s attire figured out yet? i am having trouble selecting a color for the ladies; i keep seeing blue in most photos but we dont really want to go with blue.
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