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  1. wow i love love love that video the fire dancers were great and your face looks amazing. you are gorgeous
  2. i used Rashel for my makeup it was the other way I was late she was way early and worked really well under the time pressure I looked amazing. She was also really professional but not in the strict serious sense of the word she was able to help me relax. I went to Jamaica months before the wedding and had 3 makeup trials done from the three best i found online and in the end I decided to use her and I do not regret it. I cannot wait to post pics.
  3. I did not work with a wedding planner i was going to but ended not doing it i have a few friends in jamaica who helped me out. the reception was held at a private villa in ironshore a upscale community in montego bay you can inbox me for more details if you would like....
  4. I am finally back from my wonderful wedding at iberostar..I had the time of my life my photographers from new york did an amazing job...i do not think i could have chosen a better venue. The hotel is absolutely amazing even though we had the reception and after party off site everything worked out great. Tai flora did good with my flowers and Rashel Edwards did an amazing job with my makeup I have never felt so beautiful and it lasted allllllllll night. i cannot wait to post my official review with pics etc.
  5. yep i think the administrator was saying some of the contact information was suspicious and not necessarily the reviews;;;;; but all of us who talk to her everyday and have her on facebook and are friends with some of her past brides definately know she is awesome.
  6. your makeup looks amazingly fantastic...if the guests pics looks so good i can just imagine the professional ones.......ps:I ADORE YOUR EYE BROWS.
  7. i think the price is very reasonable especialy since it is airbrush and i love how she is able to work with your budget as best as possible. there is also a thread on wedding bee with pics and reviews about her. im loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! both the hair and the makeup look fantastic.i love how the makeup is natural yet still nice
  8. from what i have seen the hairdresser seems pretty ok. I just saw Rashel post a few pics and the hair and makeup look beautiful. she told me she would post some hair pictures soon. Im always bugging her lol but i just love her work so mych.
  9. you looked amazing ehot. i also like this other one of you on Rashel's page you look sooooooooooooooooooooo flawless like a million dollarssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. calling the resort and asking to speak to nicole is so much better than emailing only difference is that it costs
  11. i just love going on Rashel's page everyweek OMG i love love love this one
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