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  1. Maridr2012, We did get our hair done at the spa. I had thought about using the bridal suite to get ready as well, but I didn't think it was worth the extra money. The spa only had three stylists so myself and 2 of my bridesmaids went at 10 am for hair and makeup ($110). My 2 other bridesmaids and mom went at 1130. Just hair and no makeup cost $85. Everyone loved their hair and makeup except my mom re-did her makeup as it was pretty heavy for her. Our photographer was Phil Steinguard and he was excellent! He had our entire day planned out from 10am until 10 pm. He met the guys around 10 30am and started doing pictures with just them. Then at 12pm he met myself and my bridesmaids in my room for our pictures. Then at about 130pm the entire bridal party met in the lobby for pictures. I was unsure about seeing my fiancé before the actual wedding, but it actually worked out okay. Phil set it up so that when we saw each other for the first time it was all captured in pictures. It turned out to be very emotional for everyone! Then at about 330pm the girls and guys separated again to freshen up for our 4 pm ceremony. We then took family photos and more bridal party photos on the beach from about 530 to 645pm. Then we went to freshen up again before the 7 pm reception. It was ALOT of pictures!! It will be worth it though, from what we saw, so far they look amazing! His cost included a 12 hour day, every image taken on a CD, all editing and a trash the dress session a couple of days after the wedding. We did not have to pay for his travel or accommodations because he is affiliated with the Magestic Elegance. We did however have to pay $120 to the resort for an outside photographer fee.
  2. Hi everyone! I am just returning from my wedding at the Paradisus Punta Cana on January 12, 2012. I can honestly say it was perfect!! We had our ceremony at the gazebo at 4 pm and it was completely worthy of the extra expense. If anyone was watching I didn't notice! Our guests later commented that Elizabeth was on the beach asking people to move their chairs over so they would not be seen in any pictures. We then had a seamless move to our cocktail hour right beside the gazebo. We had a friend that is a DJ in Canada as one of our guests and he graciously was our DJ as well. He had music playing through our entire cocktail hour, even turning the speakers to the beach while the wedding party was taking photos! It was a party from start to finish! The staff were amazing in letting us extend our cocktail hour right until 7 pm where we then moved onto our reception at the Gaby beach. Migulina and Elizabeth had everything decorated exactly as I pictured! I had read a few comments about sand beetles and was a little bit concerned, but I am so glad that we stuck to the beach! There were NO bugs and we chose a destination wedding for the the beaches and we were both glad we stuck to what we wanted! Our reception went from 7 until 10 then we went to freshen up before heading to the disco which opened at 11. Everyone hung out and drank at the lobby bar until the disco opened, by that time everyone was already more than a few drinks in so it wasn't an issue about the wait. However, if you have a group that doesn't drink as much, it may be worth it to extend the reception the extra hour so there is no waiting in between. All in all, the wedding was more than what I imagined and I wouldn't change a thing. As far as the resort, we were upgraded upon arrival to The Reserve! It definitely was an upgrade. The room and pool were amazing! We only used the Gaby restaurant in the morning for breakfast though, and never went to the other restaurant available. Also, we didn't use the pool since all of our guests were at the beach or the main pool. However, the extra room space was great for getting ready with all of my bridesmaids the day of the wedding. The buffets were excellent for breakfast but weren't the greatest for lunch and dinner. The restaurants are open for lunch though and I would highly recommend going to them for lunch as well as dinner. Our favorites were the Italian and Steakhouse. Also, we didn't discover until one of our last days that the pool bar has a grill in the back that makes the most amazing panini sandwiches! The grounds were beautiful! It is quite big and the carts do come around to pick you up and drop you off, but we found it faster just to walk. Really, it wasn't that far, maybe 5 minutes. Our only complaint would have been the house keeping. I'm not gonna lie.....it wasn't the greatest. But that being said, it did not interfere with the amazing wedding and great time had by everyone! Hope this helps those that are still researching and reassures those booked!!!
  3. I'm getting married at the Paradisus on January 12, 2012. I just got an email today from a Marilyn Caro telling me I've been reassigned with Lauren also. All emails and files are supposed to be forwarded on for me. I was worried too! I just had my planning call with Teresa a couple of weeks ago and she was great! Lauren is supposed to call me now to re-cap the whole planning call sometime soon. Hopefully everything works out okay for everyone!
  4. I think it was around $150 for the coat and $90 for the pants, but we got the pants on sale for $60!!
  5. I wasn't too sure where to post this, but I thought I should share and I think the store is only in Canada. Le Chateau has men's linen suits right now. They come in Khaki, Black, Grey and White. They are actually quite nice with a variety of sizes and a decent price too.
  6. I went to a wedding in Costa Rica at the Paradisus. It was beautiful! The ceremony location was on the beach and very secluded. For the reception they had a dinner on the beach under trees that were decorated in lights, it looked amazing. I can't say much for the wedding planning, I was only a guest, but from my prospective it was gorgeous! I am even planning my wedding at a Paradisus resort in Punta Cana.
  7. Beautiful pictures! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time, congratulations!
  8. Congratulations! Everything looks great. I love the idea of the second dress made out of the extra fabric.
  9. Just tried to order them online and it looks like it's only to the US.
  10. They look perfect and the perfect price! Can you order them online from Canada?
  11. I was given this web page from our wedding coordinator. I haven't used it so I can't tell you if it is good or not, just thought I would pass on the information. www.wedo.com.do Legal or catholic wedding documents
  12. I think I've decided on the gazebo for the ceremony because it's a bit more private and a beach reception. I think they set the beach reception outside of the Gaby restaurant. What about you? Have you decided yet?
  13. Congrats!! I just booked at the same resort for January 14, 2012. I would love to hear what you thought of the resort. I have never been there before but it looks beautiful!
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