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  1. Hi ladies Just out of curiousity who is next to become a Mrs?? I can't believe Jan has nearly gone, its going too quick! My WC marizta has been really helpfull so far. I agree with u queenoftheu. There is no way in a million years I would not get married at the royal. Every bride on here has been worried about the big day but most brides are, where ever they get married. But also every bride on here has said they had absolutly nothing to worry about because their day went PERFECT!. I have every confindence that all of the royal brides will have a fantastic day. x
  2. Hi Jess Ive decided to stick to the beach for reception after seeing the lighting, im so excited but I only have my dress so far lol. I need to get started (but dont actually no what I need to do), im on a pretty tight budget so trying not to get carried away. I think im just going to go with the resort flowers and still not to sure on photographer, I definatly want the light up dance floor too, are you going with the resorts dj or an outside vendor, it seems pretty pricey but all the review look like its worth it! I asked my WC to send me some pics of what the seating will look but there were no chair covers on the pics? Do you take your own or pay extra for them? Happy planning brides
  3. Hi Briannettu I think lots brides have booked in different ways. For me I contacted the hotel direct and booked my wedding day so I had the day secured then I booked my package holiday at the royal. Hello all other brides.... hope the planning is going well, I've read all the posts but I still can't decide on a few things. We are having our ceremony at the gazebo at 16.00. Then our reception on the beach? My fi has decided he's not to sure on the beach? Do they provide much lighting or do I need to get some more? He thinks it wont be relaxed when people are eating and sand will be evrywhere? Soo should be have it in the ball room? I think the space is too big in here when there is not many of us? Ive asked my WC if you can have the reception on the patio near the Gazebo but not heard back yet. Does anyone have any recommendations? beach reception or ball room? 5 months to go and the only thing I have done is got my dress..... so excited tho x
  4. Jozee84- June 15, 2011 JHarris - June 17, 2011 Sweetle- June 24, 2011 JenniferKuhr- July 1, 2011 Prettypigpig- July 4, 2011 DeniDen - April 20, 2012 Kate112 - June 5, 2012 Hi Ladies, I aint been on for a while but Ive just past the year to go mark, so im getting into wedding mode again. My invites are about to go out and im starting dress shopping at the weekend! Ive loved catching up with the thread and seeing the great reviews/ photos, gets me so excited. Congrats to all the recent brides and good luck to the the brides coming up, looks like your next Jozee84! Jennifer, you are definatly not a bridezilla, I would be freeking out! Why on earth would u die ur hair hot pink just before a wedding, especially when your BM. Maybe she just got carried away and when she realises it aint gonna go with the dress she may change it back, fingers crossed for ya. This time next year will be my first day as a MRS. eeeek x
  5. Hi ladies Kshows, sounds like you had a super time despite the weather, I have just picked where to have our private reception and have decided to have it on the beach, so I have found it reasuring to here that the royal accomodated you with the weather, I was wondering what would happen if the weather was bad. Congratulations, can't wait to see some pics, sounds like you put a lot of effort into making it a lovely day x
  6. Lisa - your pics are fab, where would I find out prices for ivan? My photos are included in my package, but yours look so good.... congrats on becoming a Mrs
  7. Hi ladies, just a couple of questions im not quite sure about. I picked the luxury package as this includes the photos and video? im sure its on the huge thread somewhere but can;t find it. What are the quality of the photos/ videos? I've read that a lot of brides have used outside vendors? What do you recommend I do ? I no im planning a bit too far ahead but want things to be right lol Also my package includes upto 35 "real" guests, not sure if I will have any guests staying at the royal/sister so if for example I had no "real" guests would I still have to pay extra for all non real guests, am I best trying to get my guests that have children/ want a cheaper alternative to the royal to stay at the sister, Thanks ladies x
  8. Thank you for your advice on the save a dates. This forum is fab, i cant stop reading everyones commets! Im getting so excited but is still so far away. I have just been allocated my WC so was wondering if any past or future brides have met her? Has she been helpful with the planning ect her name is Maritza Guzmán. P.s hope this weeks brides to be have the most wonderful wedding day, you must be super super excited. x
  9. Hello the wifes and brides to be!!!! Oooo im so excited, im new to this site but so glad i found it! We have just booked the royal for our wedding also in June 2012! I cant wait! Rissa 519 when in june have you booked your for? Im just decided on whens best to send the invites out, looking for something destinationed themed! Excited bride to be xx
  10. Hi 2012 brides to be! Im super excited just about to pay my deposit for the royal hotel june 5th 2012! Im new to this site so im hoping it finds its way to your thread! Hoping for some hints and tips. Not sure when I should be sending out my invites? Mrs colclough to be xx
  11. Hi brides to be! lol Im new to this site but have just booked my wedding for 2012! June 5th in Mexico the royal hotel. I am super excited and hoping for some hints and tips. xx
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