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  1. I got them at tommy bahama:) http://www.tommybahama.com/TBG/Women/Sandals/PRD_THW7089/Beaded+Silver+Sandals.jsp
  2. Hi! I ordered my dress in Feb through a local bridal shop and picked it up at the beginning of July. I did get a 8x11 certificate of authenticity- hope that helps! Jess
  3. Thanks! The two dresses ae almost identical but the Billie dress (sotero and midgley) is a heavy satin and a much fuller bottom. But I LOVED the neckline compared to my own. Hopefully alterations will get my dress exactly how I want it!
  4. Thanks all! I had to SQUEEZE into my dress, so I am a little nervous about gaining weight in the next 6 months! There is NO room to spare in it. I guess if things get bad though I can always let it out a bit when I get alterations- hopefully it won't come to that though:) ... I need hemming and the long strap in the back needs shortening. I also think I am going to change the neckline to a sweetheart (to look like Maggie's Billie dress- see below)
  5. I posted back in Feb when I found my dress, but it came in a month ago (Maggie Sottero, Caprice) so I thought I would share pics since it is in my size (and not all clipped up). I love it!!
  6. My wedding dress is Maggie Sottero (Caprice) heres a link to me in it http://s272.photobucket.com/albums/jj194/mom2aidannpiper/My%20wedding%20dress/ and has jeweled straps that sparkle (along with some crystals/beading holding the ruching on the side). My wedding is on the beach in Oahu so def sandals for me! Here are my sandals (made of tiny crystals on the straps!) And my other accesories (still hunting for my bracelet and hair flower)
  7. Hi! I have 3 things up for grabs here and I haven't even gotten married yet! The dress I switched to is backless so no need for the bras, and the straps on my dress are crystals and really ornate and the jewelry set just looked wrong with it. My loss, your gain! * First, I have a brand new longline white bridal bra size 34A. There is a Coobie brand one that comes with extenders (that also work on the other bra I have as well) that has padded cups and are a little fuller. It has a low back and still has tags on it. It retailed $40 so I am asking $15 plus s/h *Next, I have another white bridal longline bra that is Merry Modes (worth at least $60). This one is also low back, size 34A white and has slightly more demi cups than the other (is also padded push up). No tags, as it was bought online and just came in a plastic bag. I am asking $20 plus s/h *Last I have a great jewelry set that is Keshi Pearls and swarovski crystals (worth $80 and bought here: http://www.bridaltiarasboutique.com/2011/01/dainty-keshi-pearl-necklace-earring-bridal-set-wf8137/ They have a bad return policy so I am stuck with it! It is still in the box and has tags and everything. I am asking $30 plus s/h I will give a $5 discount on any item if you buy more than one:) Also, will combine shipping (USPS). I wil accept money orders, checks (though won't ship until it clears) or paypal (I am a verified user).
  8. Hi everyone! I posted back in Feb when I found my dress - but the sample was a size 12 so it hung on me even with clips. My Caprice dress came in yesterday! I brought jewelry and kinda did my hair to give me a good idea of how I will look. I am so happy with it! I need to hem it slightly and shorten the back t-bar strap, and I am still debating changing the neckline to a sweetheart but I am not sure. Anyways, here it is!
  9. I'm getting married March 27th next year at Turtle Bay resort in Oahu, HI My dress should be in in July, so alterations will be done after that. I think the back may need to be altered as well- my bridal consultant says they have to shorten the T-bar almost always, so I am expecting that. But I want to see a altered neckline to take in to my alterations lady! Do you have your dress in yet? When is your wedding?
  10. I've seen this mentioned a bit on the thread- but has anyone had luck (and pictures!) with changing their Caprice (which is what I ordered) into a neckline more like the Billy (sweetheart)? I also chose the Caprice becaue of the beachy material, and the Billy didn't suit a wedding in the sand. However I LOVED the neckline of that one. I am hoping to be able to alter the neck a bit on the Caprice. Has anyone done this? Pics?
  11. Hi:) So, the expedition is what I want to do- we will arrive on a Wed early afternoon...ay chance of getting married the next day? Or is is the day after that? We still need to book our resort and I am sure I will get the answers when I talk to the wedding planner but I am curious:) And yes- it's a 12 hr flight to St. Lucia for us:( Luckily on our way home we are splitting our flight- we are flying 7 hours into Orlando and then going on a cruise for the last 4 days of our weddingmoon, then flying home 5 afterwards:) So our itinerary is now as follows: Feb 14th- leave Seattle red eye Feb 15th- arrive in St. Lucia early afternoon Feb 16th- wedding Feb 17-21 honeymoon (5 full days after our wedding should give us lots of time to do activities since it's just us) Feb 22- leave for Orlando, FL- stay overnight Feb 23- leave for cruise to the Bahamas Feb 26- home to Seattle March 3rd- reception I am feeling good about having our dates completely set, and now that we changed it to off season more venue options are available to us (cost wise)
  12. Hey:) My wedding ins't until Feb of next year- we are flying out the 14th and getting married onthe 16th hopefully (still working out legalities). I didn't really expect to find a dress so quick- I've only been engaged two months! But when you know you know:)
  13. I have gotten travel insurance on trips as close to the date as a week before! The only issue would be pre-existing medical conditions (may not apply if you get ins close to the date) or weather issues that are known about (which obv isn't the case if you buy the ins a month out or more). On another note- I think we have pushed our date earlier to February rather than April... I was trying to schedule my time away from my kids around their school breaks (so we booked over spring break) but they also get a week off in Feb. That way we can book our AHR the first weekend in March and save a TON by having it be "off peak" which around here (Seattle) is really crucial. I think we decided to have our AHR at a venue, and somewhere that caters themselves. Our plans for an AHR at my fiance's parents house was getting too crazy- and I was butting heads already with his step mom on the planning front. We just need our budget from them and then we can start touring venues when we get back from our vacation in a cpl weeks! So it looks like we will be flying out red eye Feb 14th, arriving in St Lucia the 15th. Hopefully we can get married the next day- I have heard there is a special license to do a next day arrival- does anyone know anything about that?) and then stay a total of 7 nights in St. Lucia. After that we are headed to FL to board a 4 day cruise through the Bahamas, and getting back to Seattle Feb 26th.
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