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    Riu Palace Mexico, Playa del Carmen
  1. FYI, one of the other Rius is doing renovations, and should be completed Oct 2015, so RPM, and everything else is selling out. Book early!!!
  2. @@SunyMel Hi! I just saw this, but I actually sent it to you a couple of days ago!! I hope you got it!
  3. I have a price list for 2015 for RPM is you are still interested.@@Panda2015
  4. That's great you found a way around it, but how does that work?? I'm baffled! Lol
  5. @@SunyMel FYI, about having your wedding at RPM or any Riu resort. If you have your wedding at RPM, 80% of your guests MUST stay there too. Riu Playacar does NOT count toward the 80%. Just something to keep in mind! Happy wedding planning!
  6. I know this thread is OLD, lol, but just wanted to add some input just in case. 80% of your guests MUST stay at the same resort. Examples: You get married at Riu Palace Mexico (RPM), 80% of guests must stay at RPM. or You get married at Riu Yucatan, 80% of guests must stay at Riu Yucatan. They can't stay at RPM, even though it costs more. Hope this helps someone! Oh, we've stayed at several Rius, and never had a problem with "smelly" rooms. Always a good time!
  7. @ Ha! I guess that would have been nice to mention! Brandi works for travelzap.com and has been great! We're getting married at Riu Palace Mexico- we love their properties (she's been to RPM, too)!
  8. I initially requested information from several TAs one night, and the next day Brandi not only emailed me, she called, too. Responded quickly with quotes when I kept changing my mind , and once I made a decision, the website was up that day. Prices seem reasonable, and the website is pretty user friendly. Also, no deposit to start working with them! Definite plus!
  9. Anyone have pictures of RPM? I can't find any pictures, and I'm freaking out!! shaworth81@@gmail.com if anyone has any. Thanks!
  10. @@FayeHarrington I'll send you what I have, if you want it. What's your email?
  11. @@LisaAnthonyPoppy I'm curious as to what you find! I'm willing to spend a little more, but 5k is ridiculous and way out of my budget!
  12. @@jessg619 I emailed you the list...shaworth81@@gmail.com just in case it goes to your spam folder
  13. @@JLove5815 Have you heard anything yet? I received the pricing for 2014, but was told the pricing for 2015 would go up 10%. We're getting married at Riu Palace Mexico.
  14. Highly accurate on the beach/water! We were considering DRC, which is in the same area as Moon Palace, and we decided against it because of the beach/water.
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