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  1. Is anyone planning a wedding in Block Island? Or has anyone been married in Block Island. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 19 days till the wedding! Oh my god I am starting to panic, I hope all goes well. Is anyone doing the video for their wedding? I am still very confused with all of the different prices.
  3. OH my god, I am getting married 8/12/11, I have not heard that things have went up. I will email my WC to see if things have changed. Do you have a travel agent? IF so have them call.
  4. Hi, Where are the different package numbers for the decorations? Thanks
  5. Did your WC book the photographer for you or was it something you had to do on your own?
  6. Does the cocktail hour cost anything? That is a great idea to go to a make-up class. I have gone to a few Mac had in the past. Thanks for reminding me they have those!! I feel like I am behind, you have so much done! I have not even talked to my WC, only my travel agent has.
  7. I just checked the website as well, I tried all different dates and they ALL said We are sorry to inform you, that the hotel is no longer available for this period. I am getting married 8/12/11, not all of our guest booked either. I am hopeing their site is just not working right now.
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