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  1. It does sound over the top stressful. But, congrats on being able to reschedule so soon!
  2. Xplor is an excursion. It's part of the Xcaret family. It's an adventure park. Very nicely done. Since it's the newest park in the family, it's not as well known as Xcaret. But, it was a great honeymoon excursion!
  3. The actual wedding itself went nicely. All thanks to the great women in te Wedding dept. I was really concerned about posting at all about my experiences. I've been so concerned about scary everyone with MP issues. But honestly, I have yet to see anyone post that the actual ceremony had any issues at all. So don't worry ladies!!!
  4. Hello ladies We just got back from our wedding at MP and honeymoon at Sun Palace. I learned ALOT 1. Palace resorts knows how awful the communication is at Miami. It is also extremely bad communication between Miami and the MP resort itself. They are moving the whole Miami office to Mexico. A public relation manager told me that they had no way of controlling the office in Miami so they are hoping that proximity will help. 2. Things might get out of control feeling before the wedding. But, the women in the wedding office are amazing. We had a ton of issues with our reservations and transfers. Nothing went well at all! I rebooked everyone and verifed reservations and argued with a few public relations people during my first week there. I finally through my hands up in the air and said whatever on the day of the wedding. But, my WC, Claudia, came in on her day off to oversee my wedding and it was perfect! So, if anyone has problems before the actual ceremony, don't be alarmed. The ladies in the actual wedding office know their stuff!! 3. The fruit flavored cake is abysmal:) The honeymoon cake is AMAZING. I don't rememeber the wedding food since I don't think I ate. But that cheeseburger at 3am was great 4. Go to Xplor. it's a blast. 5. Don't forget you have 1500 credits (if staying a week) to use towards Kodak photos. They did the same type of pics my outside photographers did on the beach. You may be able to save some money and do these during the honeymoon. 6. I moved my wedding to the Tucan gazebo instead of on the beach itself. If you have sun sensitive people coming to the wedding, it is wicked hot and wicked sunny for the beach weddings. We had it at 4pm and by the time the ceremony was over, it was lovely outside. 7. We did indeed have mosquito issues at the rooms at the backside of Grand. My hubby's ankles look like he has a disease there are so many. 8. The Grand Terrace is a fabulous location for a reception or dinner! We ended up moving from Sunrise to the Grand section (part of the reservation fiasco) due to a convention. We ended up hanging out a lot on this terrace. It has beautiful breezes. We almost had the reception here instead of at Tucan Terrace but it was another $12 a head to have it on Grand. 9. MP is close to the airport but a little farther out than I expected for some reason. But, they do allow the local vendors to come onsite and have kiosks to sell their wares. This happens on Monday night at Sunrise by the stage. 10. Don't forget to verify your hair appts when you get there. They canceled mine. Luckily it's off season and it was no biggie. But, really does anyone need that stress? 11. Don't forget this is a time share resort. they will pull you and all of your guests aside after check in. They will be "explaining what you can do with your credits". But, of course, you can get more credits very easily by going to the presentation:) 12. Bring a button down/zip up top to wear for your hair appt:) 13. Bring cash if you have outside florists. They came to deliver the flowers while the photographer was doing getting ready pics. We were scrambling for cash to pay them. They don't actually allow the florists to walk the flowers to the room so they needed cash to give them. Luckily my girls took over! 14. Bring tons and tons of ones and 5s for tips. ok I think I'm taking up way too much screen here. Btw, I think a lot of my issues with reservations were due to doing things a bit differently. I'm making a big review with all the info shortly. But, the short and sweet is this: if trying to use resort transport, they were denied it since they were not staying a week. I was told at the resort that they could use it and it will be charged tot their room. The day of everyone's arrival that wasn't true. People had to negotiate taxis and if anyone has done that there before you know how different the costs can be. I had one poor soul pay 70 US to get to the resort! They did allow one person to come through the transport but only because the room was in his name. But since they didn't list all occupants, no one else could go. Good luck all. If anyone has any questions that I can answer, please let me know.
  5. Ok. So we decided to do the tucan gazebo and still have the reception on the tucan terrace. We think by 6 it should be cool enough for the buffet. The cocktail hour is by the gazebo outside and may still be a point of contention. I just couldn't imagine being inside!! Btw, all the ladies with outside photographers, we just paid 300 plus 88 a photographer for them to come onsite. It still says we can't have them in the paperwork but then the next sentence is the prices for if we bring them. Go figure The other thing I wasn't ready for was what song is played when my bridesmaids walk down compared to my song. I could just be behind on the wedding requirements, but I figured I could't be the only one. Also, what order they will walk down.
  6. Hey all!! Just got to MP last evening. Um, wow wicked hot still. Granted, I'm not used to the humidity anymore since I moved to Colorado. It says it's 85 out right now at 10:30am with 75% humidity. We're scheduled for a 4pm wedding on Sunday at the tucan location with a buffet reception up on the tucan terrace. We did a walk by yesterday at 5:30pm. It was definitely breezy but still wicked warm. There was a wedding/reception happening there and the location is quite lovely. I just don't know. How the heck is the makeup not going to melt off? Will my guests be dying out there. The one thing that has been my priority during this whole affair is wanting everyone to be relaxed and have a good time. We're meeting with the coordinator in a couple of hours. We're contemplating doing the ceremony there and then move everyone in to eat. But after an hour of being outside sitting and traveling, I know we will all be dripping. Any input?
  7. oh congrats! I'm so glad to hear that things were lovely. And, I'm excited to hear the details!
  8. Hello Ladies! One quick question: does anyone have an opinion on the need for lighting for an Oct 4pm wedding and then cocktail hour and buffet reception following on the Tucan Terrace? I presume that the cocktail hour will go until 5:30 and then the buffet dinner until, what, 7:30pm? Is there enough lighting around that area? I guess worst case I can meander over there during my prewedding stay. I'm sure that MP or Zuniga won't turn down some last minute money on lights:)
  9. kjanda8, You can rent just the sound equipment with no DJ. I think that is what we'll be doing. Come to find out, one of our groomsmen used to be a DJ:) It's 220.00 for a mic and one speaker. It does have some mixer as well. But, it doesn't state how much for the iPod hookup and it doesn't say for how long.
  10. Stressing out!! I have 60 some odd days but man things seem to be changing. MP is now stating that our Imperial weeks that we are using for 3 of our rooms, don't count toward our night count for amenities. We are losing 21 nights! So, like others we have a surprise cost of the reception. We have only 20 people in our wedding and I'm playing around with the idea of going to a restaurant with outdoor seating like Los Tacos or something. I would love to have a buffet. We are playing with the idea but it's 800 bucks. The little things just keep adding up:) Though, I have to admit that my onsite coordinator is actually responding. I'm very happy to have finally gotten ahold of her. The other thing I didn't think about is having to move into my fiance's house. Wow, getting his ready for my stuff and then moving during this is pretty crazy. But, at least there are end dates to all of this. But, I'm really glad to hear that I'm not the only one on a roller coaster ride with this whole affair!!!
  11. Good question nabreu7! We just sat down this past weekend and figured out the main songs. I'm not sure the official names but the songs that are for when everyone is walking in and the processional exit song and first dance. Are there other songs I need to worry about? Entrance song: Siege of the Madrigal - His mom thinks this is too sombre but I don't hear it. If anyone youtube's this and feel that way, let me know Processional: Marry Me - yes, it's a cliche now but I still love it Exit song: I have no idea. First dance: Billy Joel - Just the Way You Are
  12. Good Luck Amara3CUS ! It might be raining there today but weather.com says that it will be letting up on Saturday just in time for your wedding! I'm sure it will be sunny and lovely.
  13. well then, I did get an email from my onsite about an hour after that phone call:)
  14. Diamondgirl, I am getting married on Oct2 and havne't heard from anyone either. I called the number in Miami (877-725-4933) and there is an option 3 to talk to an onsite coorindator. So, I pushed it since we have NO response from the Miami office anymore:) Well, of course, my assigned coordinator, Claudia, is not avaialbe. She was working a wedding. The fit contacting you via email only during short times between weddings. IN the mornings is when they do the onsite interviews with the bride and groom. Pilar is the manager there. But, you can at least get your onsite coordinator's name and start the process. The issue I have with this is not pushing them. It's the outcome of my pushing them. I mean, will they end up charging me for things that others get for free cause they perceive my pushiness as being b@chy? I feel like they have us and we have no sort of recourse. I would just hate having to have my wedding inside instead of on the beach because I've kept my mouth shut until today as well.
  15. I am in love with that frame!! love love And the idea of incorporating family is definately intriguing. As for sand, I would be afraid of little microrganisms or bugs in the nonsterile sand. eek
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