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    ***Iberostar Laguna Azul Brides***

    I haven't seen any new posts to this in awhile. How are people's plans going? I just emailed Y to ask her if we can have the Del chef menu in the palapas. We are hoping to be about 55-60 people and wanted the private dinner so it looks like the palapas might be our best choice. We are getting married 8 months from today and even though that sounds like a long way time is moving so fast that I'm sure it'll be here before we know it. The ILA Brides group on facebook is really helpful too if anyone hasn't stumbled upon it already.
  2. DeeBrideToBe

    Weight Watchers for 2012 Brides

    Great job ladies! I saw my surgeon today and got a new ankle brace so now I can actually walk and bike! I really focused on my eating last week though and I'm down three pounds this week! It's nice to see results after seeing a slight gain the week before
  3. DeeBrideToBe

    Weight Watchers for 2012 Brides

    Wow, skinnytaste.com is great! I am going to spend some time this weekend getting some new recipes. You ladies are all doing so great! It's stampede week in Calgary which means lots of barbecues and treats at work but after reading all your fantastic posts I am looking forward to getting back on track this weekend!
  4. DeeBrideToBe

    Weight Watchers for 2012 Brides

    Good job! I've reached a point where I'm not losing anymore pounds, but I feel like ,maybe I'm gaining muscle because I'm seeing a difference in my clothes. It's a bit disheartening not to see any change on the scale though. We're planning to start our family right after the wedding too so I'm also looking at it as a great way to get healthy before trying for a baby!
  5. DeeBrideToBe

    Weight Watchers for 2012 Brides

    Hey ladies! I just got back on track and am now down 18 pounds since January! It's an awesome feeling, I love getting rid of clothes because they're too big instead of too small. I still have a ways to go, but I am getting measured for my dress in two weeks so I would love to lose a few more and maybe drop another size! how are you all doing with your goals?
  6. DeeBrideToBe

    Weight Watchers for 2012 Brides

    That's an awesome idea! I'm starting a new job on Monday and I get an hour lunch now, so I know I'll be tempted to eat out more. When I do I usually go to Extreme Pita though and stick with something light, like a grilled chicken pita with tzatziki instead of mayo, so I just have to keep on track! I keep rewarding myself with food, so I give myself a treat day when I've done well, but I want to come up with something different. Maybe a new piece of clothes or something when I reach a goal. I've been setting little goals for myself so they're easier to reach, then when I reach it I set a new one.
  7. DeeBrideToBe

    Weight Watchers for 2012 Brides

    I've been tracking on paper. I signed up for the meetings and got the calculator and all the start-up books, then I stopped going to the weekly meetings because they're so expensive, so I'm just kind of doing it on my own. I agree about the warm weather! I skipped the gym this week and instead got in some walks with the dogs and bike rides outside. Have you tried the WW frozen meals? I love those for lunches at work!
  8. Hi ladies, I see there's a thread for WW girls for 2011 but I don't see one for 2012 brides yet. I need motivation to stick to the plan! I started WW in January (spurred by my engagement at Christmas) and it was working! I lost 15 lbs and am now fitting into clothes that haven't fit in over a year. Now I have been slacking on tracking my points and I'm stuck. I need to get back on track. My goal is to lose another 10 lbs by the end of July and then hopefully 15 more before the wedding in April 2012. I feel like these goals are attainable. I keep saying I'll get back on track tomorrow! Help! Haha. Anyone else out there signed up to WW for 2012 weddings as well?
  9. DeeBrideToBe

    Any 2012 brides out there?

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble Andreanna. I found waiting hard as well. I was trying to book in January/February for next April, which was just over a year, and was still told that I was too early by a few TA's. That's why I'm so glad I found Kelly, she got me rates no problem. I'm not sure how far in advance they can get pricing but if you're set on that resort maybe you can book your date with the resort directly, let your family know, and then make the travel arrangements at a later date. Everyone says a DW is less stress, and for the most part I'm finding that to be true, but deciding on the resort andgetting the pricing is the worst part. Once you're all booked in it's a big weight lifted! Good luck, I know it will all work out fine.
  10. DeeBrideToBe

    April 2012 Bride

    I found that a lot of the photographers came in at that price or higher as well. When and where are you gettiing married? I booked Genevieve Albert for my wedding on April 18 in Cuba, and she can only do one Cuban wedding a year, but I know she is open to booking other destinations if the dates work out. Her rates are fantastic and she does great work. http://www.genevievealbert.com/ I know that she is taking other bookings as well so it might not be a bad idea to book a photographer early once you find one that you like so that you're not disappointed. Good luck!
  11. DeeBrideToBe

    Any 2012 brides out there?

    Hi ladies. I get excited all over again reading about you all booking your resorts! We booked ours in February which seemed such a long time away but time is going by so quickly! If anyone is still looking for travel agents, my TA is fantastic as well. She is in Cuba right now actually for her own DW at the same resort we're getting married at! She's on these forums under Kelly62. Her name is Kelly Neonakis, here is her website if anyone is looking to book with her. http://kneonakis.travelonly.com/ She is such a wealth of knowledge too since she's been planning her own DW. I can't recommend her enough! Good luck with the planning! We just booked our photographer a couple weeks ago and now we're looking at music! I'm trying on wedding dresses in June and July once I've hopefully lost some more weight.
  12. DeeBrideToBe

    ***Iberostar Laguna Azul Brides***

    Lots of weddings this week! Congrats to you all, I hope it's everything you hoped for! Kelly, congrats to you and Reese as well, you have been such a huge help with planning my own wedding, I can't thank you enough. I can't wait to see your review and pictures!
  13. DeeBrideToBe

    budget photography??

    If anyone is considering flying down a photographer you should try Genevieve Albert out of Quebec. Her pictures are out of this world and her rates are really affordable! Here's her website: http://www.genevievealbert.com/ She can't schedule anymore Cuba weddings for the next year but I know she's open to flying to other destinations. I booked her for my wedding in April 2012 and I can't wait! Good luck with the search ladies!
  14. DeeBrideToBe

    Weight Loss/Fitness Support for 2012 Brides!

    I put in a pretty good workout at the gym this morning. I have an appt to try on wedding dresses on June 11 and I gave them one size smaller than I am now so I have to get working!
  15. DeeBrideToBe

    What are you walking down the Aisle to?

    Oops, that should be *idea*, not ida! I've got afternoon brain at work I think