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  1. Hi, Yeah with 35 people, you should be fine with Larisa. Yes, for #5 we used Ambar Productions through the hotel. They were not cheap, but set up everything for us and it looked so beautiful. For #6, I'm not sure who Maye Cortinas got the chairs and table coverings and vases from. But her prices beat the prices Larisa quoted us quite significantly. We brought the silk flowers and floating candles with us from the States. We only used Cabo Flowers for our bouquets, corsages, flower girls, etc. We spent a total of around $500 on real flowers. Larisa had a local lady come to do hair. I can't remember her name. She was a blonde Canadian lady who lived nearby. She did a very good job. I did my own make-up...I'm an amateur make-up artist, :-), so I ended up doing my own as well as my mom and sister. Also, I highly recommend that you ask Larisa to do the floating lanterns on the beach after the reception. That was amazing and definitely one of the highlights of the evening. All of my family and friends are still talking about it. Everything turned out so much better than I thought..it was such an amazing time. Good luck and please let me know if you have any more questions.
  2. Hello Everyone, I apologize for not posting earlier. We got married at the Hola Grand Faro in Oct and it was amazing. This is who we used: 1) Wedding planner - Maye Cortinas (very reasonably priced...like 1/3 of what Baja Weddings quoted us) She was great. Did everything we asked and took care of organizing everything on the wedding day...we had no worries. We did find our own vendors because originally we weren't going to hire an outside coordinator and we had already booked some of the vendors prior to signing an agreement with Maye (I'll note this info below). We decided to have an additional outside coordinator because we had around 60+ guests and we thought it was worth the extra $1000 to have the peace of mind. It was definitely worth it! Larisa was very nice, but I think if we just had Larisa and not Maye as well, it would have been chaotic. If you have fewer guests though, maybe you can just go with Larisa. 2) DJ Fradal - We booked him ahead of time. Was a good DJ. Did what we asked. Couldn't have expected anything more from him. 3) Cabo Flowers - We booked them with Maye. They were fine. We brought a lot of decor ourselves (i.e. silk flowers), so only used Cabo Flowers for bouquets, corsages, etc. 4) Photographer - Mango Weddings, Jerome Dieu. We booked him ahead of time. This guy was awesome. Very professional. Had our pics to us on time. Excellent quality, excellent photographer. Very reasonably priced. Think he charged us around $4000 for everything, which included video, book, 1 hour engagement session a few days before the wedding. 5) Lighting, audio/video equipment for slideshow, etc - Ambar - got them through Larisa before hiring Maye. They were fine. All equipment and lighting for rehearsal dinner and reception were great. No problems. 6) Table decor / tiffany chairs - We booked through Maye. She got us a better price than Larisa could get us. For table centerpieces we used large glass vases, filled them with silk flowers and had floating candles. This saved us a ton of money on flowers and looked so much nicer than if had flower centerpieces. Hope this helps!
  3. Hello! How are you? How was your wedding at Hola Grand Faro in May? How was your experience there?
  4. Hi! Hope things are coming along well for you. Have you heard anything about a new WC at the hotel? I haven't, and am thinking seriously about hiring an outside WC at least for the event.
  5. Thanks! Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? How many people are you planning on having? Are the flowers very expensive? What are they giving you for the cost? Our flower budget is small, around $1500, and we're hoping to have something decent for that cost. We are on a pretty slim budget and are going to have a lot of people (over 90 for sure) and we're a little worried about the coordination of everything with so many guests. Thanks again! Keep in touch!
  6. Hi, we've gotten a good quote from Mango Weddings. I think they charge around $350 per hour and also have a good photo/video package for weddings.
  7. Hi there. I have not had very much luck in finding other people who have had their weddings here. If you do, please let me know as well! As I'm sure you know already, Maria is leaving Hola Grand Faro. Hppefully the new WC is at least close to as good as Maria. Who are the vendors you have contracted? From what I've read anyway, it seems for photo/video, Mango does a good job. Please let me know how things go with the new coordinator and how things are turning out as you go along. Good luck!
  8. Hi, we are moving forward with a hotel that includes a wedding coordinator with the wedding package. Every time I've posted a question on here whether or not I need to hire an outside WC, I get no response. I'm beginning to think that the majority of people posting on here are the WCs themselves or their vendors saying how wonderful each other are, and noone wants to answer my questions. I spoke at length with a WC in Cabo who seemed to be very honest when she told me that if the hotel has an onsite coordinator that can offer you all the vendor services, etc that you need, then start by just working with that wedding coordinator and see how it goes. This particular WC could have sold me her services, but instead basically told me in so many words, not to waste my money hiring an additional WC This WC I spoke with told me that most likely it's not worth the extra expense to hire an outside WC, unless you need someone for day of coordination. But she also told me that if you hire a WC just for day of, then that person will have very limited control over things because you've already hired your own vendors. Also, if you hire an outside coordinator then they push their own vendors on you and then mark up the prices and you will spend more money for probably the same services. I highly recommend that you go for a visit to the area and meet with the places you are interested in to get a feeling as to how good the onsite WC is. So far, it has been very easy for us to work directly with the vendors that the hotel is recommending. If you want to have your ceremony and/or reception outside of a resort, then you definitely need a WC. I also think that it all boils down to how much detail and extra attention you want for your wedding. If you need every little thing just so and you want someone to hold your hand 24-7, then you probably want to hire an outside WC.
  9. Hi! Thanks for your post. Where are you getting married? I'm still not sure if I want to hire an additional outside coordinator or go with the hotel's coordinator as she seems to be very competent. I'm just not sure it's worth the extra cost if I'm getting the vendors set up with the hotel's coordinator...I don't know how much added value an outside WC will bring vs how much she will cost. Any advice? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your post! Which planner did you go with? What were his/her prices like? The reason I ask is because we are planning to get married at a hotel that includes a wedding coordinator with our package and we are wondering if it's worth the extra expense of a planner? We did get a quote from one planner, and her price was very high for what seemed to be minimal required work from her end given that the hotel provides us a coordinator. Any advice you have would be so much appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Hello Elizabeth and Joon, Congrats on your wedding. We saw your pics on the Mango website. My fiance and I are planning to get married at the same hotel later this year. How was your experience there? Did you need to hire an outside wedding planner? Thanks for any advice you can send our way!!!!
  12. Has anyone gotten married at this resort? If so, how did everything turn out? Also, we are not sure if we need to hire an outside wedding planner as the hotel seems to have a very competent wedding coordinator who already is included with the package. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Hello, did you hire an outside wedding planner or go with the hotel coordinator? Either way, how did it turn out?
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