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  1. Dannibunny I had been dealing with Karla at the start since we booked in April 2010 and she replied straight away to any email I sent. Then after a while I got no replies whatsoever and took a good few months for Maria to then respond to an email which was 14 weeks ago now. So I was suprised when Karla emailed me the other day. She stated that even though we have been booked into Akumel now, she will still be our WC so not to worry. I have emailed her back stating that she told us we were staying in Coba originally but as yet she has not replied to that. We had only been given restaurant options in Coba for our wedding dinner and had previously chosen Portofino last year, I had however asked if we could have it in the Brazilian restaurant instead as I have read so many good reviews on trip advisor about it, Karla said she is looking into this for me. I have been trying not to stress about things, but its like you said, when you have been told your staying in one hotel and then it changes its a little frustrating. I have also asked her to confirm if our whole party of 21 are staying in the same hotel. Some of our party are travelling with Thomas Cook airlines and they have been confirmed as Tulum Hacienda / Coba by the airline so I really hope we can all be close by. Im not too worried about it to be honest. My Dad passed away suddenly 5 weeks ago so the wedding has been put to the back of my mind for some time now. Im looking forward to getting away on holiday, but I think the wedding day will be even more emotional now that Dad wont be there. It was emotional enough today watching the royal wedding never mind my own. Hopefully Karla will be back to stay and responds to future brides more efficiently. Ive heard people on here mention that the salons are not too good in the resort for wedding hair, are all 3 salons the same or is 1 better than the rest? Does anyone know of a good make up that wont drip off in the heat? Linzi
  2. Hi girls - I have just recieve an email from Karla stating that she is still my WC even though the last email I got was from Maria about 4 weeks ago! Its 2 weeks tomorrow til we fly out. She has just emailed me the spa brochure and pics of the flower options which i requested months ago! Like some of you, I was told by Karla months ago that I was staying in Coba, but she has just told me we are now staying in Akumel as it is exclusive to First Choice in the UK, even though it wasnt in April 2010 when we booked it. Is Akumel just as nice as coba?? Im sure it is, but jsut panicing a little now as its not long til we go!! Linzi
  3. Hi Babyshaws Thanks so much for the reply - the email addresses are what I had previously used, so i have resent my email this time addressing it to Paloma and Maria. I sent it yesterday but still no reply. Hope they dont take too much longer! Thanks again! Linzi
  4. Hi Babyshaws I also have been trying to contact Karla but as yet have not had a reply. I thought she may have been on holiday or something so I re-sent my email again, but still no reply. Can you tell me what email address you wrote to as its been over 4 weeks now and still no reply from anyone. After reading this huge thread, Im starting to panic that I havent got anything organised at all. Thanks, Linzi
  5. Hi Guys I am getting married at Gran Bahia Principe Coba on 19th May 2011. My wedding co-ordinator is Karla, but as yet I have not been told about anything other that the ceremony will be at the Gazebo. I have not been told anything about the reception (other than picking my restaurant for dinner)? I have seen on some other threads that there is a pool side jacizzi bar which looks amazing, but im assuming this would not be in the cost of my package? I have got my dress, grooms suit, flower girl dress sorted so far, just need to get my sister her bridesmaid dress, but other than that, I dont know what else I should bring for the wedding day. I know bouquets are included in my package but im unsure about any other decorations. Someone had told me just to sort things out with Karla when we arrive at Coba as they accomodate you better once you arrive, but im scared to leave it too late and not be able to organize anything. On a previous thread there it was mentioned that First Choice is making people stay at Akumal, I have been booked with First Choice since May 2010 and as yet, I have not been made aware of any changes to my booking although I have emailed Karla tonight to confirm this. Any hints and tips would be great! Thanks Linzi
  6. Hi Everyone - great link and looks like a fab place for a wedding. I am getting married in Coba on 19th May 2011 and cant wait now after reading all these brilliant reviews. My wedding co-ordinator is Karla, but she hasnt mentioned the poolside bar/DJ/reception to me at all. All i know so far is that the wedding is booked for the Gazebo. Can you book the poolside bar at a cheaper rate that $24pp pr hr? Seems a lot considering we will have nearly 30 people there who have already paid to be all-inclusive. I love the picture of this though and think it would be a great novelty that everyone would remember. Does Karla tell you about DJs or have you found out this info by searching forums online? I feel like I know nothing now and its only 14 weeks til we fly out! Any help would be much appreciated! Linzi
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