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  1. CONGRATULATIONS, you are absolutely stunning! I'm so glad everything worked out well for you..it gives me a lil peace of mind... I did have a couple of questions 1. How did you feel in the chapel, was there a breeze or was it warm/ hot humid...we will be getting married in August, I have oily skin and I am terrified that I am going to melt in there...?! 2. How many pew bows did you bring with you? 3. What happens to all of your stuff afterward, do they pack it right up for you in the boxes again? and I know this is one is a personal one but ....did you tip your WC?...how much did you feel was adequate?!
  2. Hi KernsWR, totally agree with you and the costs piling up...my wedding is coming up in August and I plan to give out OOT bags and I had a really hard time deciding what to give during the reception ,..so instead of giving something that is going to end up in the kitchen drawer, I am going to just provide treats like mints and candy etc in favor boxes...hope it helps you decide! For the OOT bags I'm doing the usual meds, playing cards...etc but I also did a personalized water bottle...they were cheaper than travel mugs!
  3. I was hoping if you could tell me how many chair bows you had to bring with you...is it double your guest list for ceremony and reception?
  4. Welcome and Congratulationa Nina..I'm in a similar situation...already been legally married for 15 years...We are doing the Luxury Catholic Wedding in August....have fun picking out your dress. ) Happy planning....I think planning is half the fun
  5. Karen972..If you can wait...I believe you may get a cheaper rate to upgrade....if you upgrade when you are checking in...simply because they will want to fill up the better rooms (more$$ for them) I heard this from some of the staff the last time I was at the Royal in Playa del Carmen......if you decide to wait...ask what it will cost to upgrade now just to make sure you will be getting a better rate...its Mexico you can haggle a lil bit...!
  6. Hi Ladies, I will be getting married on August 13 in the chapel as well. Question about centerpieces.....do they not provide any sort of centerpiece at all? or are we forced to bring down our own or order from the catalog...I just do not want to carry too much with me or pay $80 per centerpiece for a reception that will only last three hours...
  7. Thanks JPLOVESME for the review. Its very helpful! Is is okay if I ask who your WC was? I was told that substitutions could not be made and I would really want to make some changes to the package I am considering...thank you again ...You were a beautiful bride!
  8. This is exactly what I needed, thank you so much! Quick question...do you know if it will be a problem if the individuals are catholic but do not have the certificates for the other sacraments?!
  9. Has anyone recently had a reception in Xcaret?
  10. Hi there Gran Caribe Brides, I am planning my wedding for August 13, 2011 in the chapel, however, I am hesistant about having the reception there...is anyone having the same concern!
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