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    Dreams La Romana

    Has anyone heard of this 15-day questionnaire? Yanna, the Wedding Coordinator, has concluded that we cannot make any plans regarding flowers, cake, etc until 15 days before our wedding?! You've got to be kidding me. Ladies- how are you/have you gone about planning out your big day with Yanna? I feel as if I'm continually facing roadblock after roadblock when trying to confirm prices or details. Below is a copy of some of our emails. Let me know what you think! "Hi Yanna, Sorry for the back to back emails! I'd like to start setting some parameters around pricing for different elements of the wedding. Attached to this email is an excel spreadsheet with items I need estimates for. Also attached are examples of the table arrangements for the reception and the cake I had in mind. Please note that I'm comfortable with using Styrofoam for two out of three layers to cut down on cost. I'd also like to confirm what the "beach gazebo" is. I've attached a photo just to make sure we're talking about the same place. Can you please send me pictures of the dance floor and videos of the Caribbean music trio offered on the wedding planning guide? What is available in terms of fireworks for a reception? Please include a range of prices and examples. Thank you for all your help!! Best, Mauria" And...her response: "As your wedding is next year, we recommend that you complete the final details questioner 15 days before arrive to the hotel, so you have time to make the best decision with food, flowers, decoration and so on....! YG" HELP!!!!!!!
  2. Beachbride2012

    Dreams La Romana

    Hey ladies! Please add me to the list: Mauria- July 14, 2012 : )
  3. Beachbride2012

    Dreams La Romana

    Hello ladies! I just received our wedding confirmation from Yanna : ) We're getting married July 14, 2012! Another July bride...here's hoping it isn't scorching outside! Has anyone decided where on the resort they'll be getting married?