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  1. That's my plan! After a lot of thought and research as to what works best. I've decided to buy the largest carry on suitcase allowable and roll it. I'll put some tissue to protect it but I'm sure I will be getting it professionally steamed. Even if they allow you to bring your dress on in a normal garment bag and hang it in the closet, the closets aren't full length in planes and the bottom is going to get all smashed up anyways. With a suitcase you will more than likely get less wrinkles and it will be more protected.
  2. We also looked at Sheraton. I was extremely disappointed in their event coordinator. We decided to look elsewhere....we are not getting married at Sacred Hearts mission church and having a reception in a private room at David Paul's island grill.
  3. Quick question.... how are you getting your wedding dress to Hawaii?
  4. Thank you! I also booked her on 08/11 but I've got this worst case scenario thing playing out in my head. I look forward to your post
  5. I was looking to use her as well.....just wondering if you used her or found out anything
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