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  1. Thank you Sooo Much Jessica!...I see your wedding is coming VERY VERY soon... You guys Must be so excited...
  2. Hi Ladies, Just found out that Wilma is going to be my wedding coordinator YAY, does anyone have her email address?... Thanks a bunch Irene
  3. This is exactly what i am looking for, I love it!.... You did such an amazing job, would you mind forwarding the template to me as well. Ireneliardo@aol.com.. Thank you sooooo much
  4. Hi, When is the big day for you?... I'm booked for November 2011, soooo excited and nervous at the same time... Irene
  5. Nicole, Your Pictures are Amazing.. I love his style of work, i would love to book him but was he very expensive? How did you get him on the resort, i am really nervous about getting an outside photographer since they don't allow outside vendors. I hear everyone saying they book the photographer a daily guest pass, how and who do you do that with?..How far in advance does the onsite wedding coordinator contact you?...ahhhh so many questions LOL Irene
  6. Hey Everyone, It's Official! I'm getting married at Aventura Spa Palace on November 26th 2011..YAY!... I'm so happy and sooooooo nervous at the same time... Now reality has set in and i have realized i know nothing about planning a wedding, esp a destination wedding... PLEASE HELP... What is a Wedding Kit and can you please send one to me too?... Thanks so much, Irene Ireneliardo@aol.com
  7. Hi, My Name is Irene and i will be getting Married at Aventura Spa Palace on November 2, 2011.. I am excited but soooo nervous at the same time... I just viewed your pictures by Juan Navaro and they were absolutely gorgeous... congrats... Did you get him through the hotel, can i request him.? I see on their website it states they do not allow any outside vendors.. Did you pick a package for the Ceremony? Is it worth it?.. so many questions.. please help..lol Hope to hear from you soon Irene
  8. Hi, I know this a few months after your post but i was just going through old archives.. I am going to be getting married at Aventura Spa Palace on Novemeber 26th 2011 and i have soooo many questions... I would also love to see your pictures if you don't mind. Sincerely Irene