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  1. This is such a great idea! Well done!
  2. kellygrrl, Those shoes are SO pretty!! Did you get them from David's Bridal? I'm having trouble finding something that I like and my wedding is in 20 days - yikes!
  3. I love the capiz shells. I would love to have these as well, but I agree that $70 is a little too much. Does anyone know if you can find them at Michael's or another craft store? Its getting close to my date and I don't want to order online.
  4. These are beautiful! Great job
  5. Wow! Everyone's dress is so beautiful! Great job ladies
  6. wow! Great job! I agree, your decor is amazing. Congratulations!
  7. kfady529, We were thinking of taking our wedding party on an excursion as well. I think it is a nice idea, because it will be an experience with everyone. It is also really nice that you are paying for their wedding attire, so I personally think that is enough!
  8. I started a website with the knot, but I wasn't happy with it. I found that they have less options than other sites and it wasn't the easiest to use. After searching other sites, I decided to use weddingwire.com and absolutely LOVE it!!! It is really user friendly, you can play several songs (which was important to me) and you can add lots of pictures. All of our guests really love our site and have given us really positive feedback. Good luck!
  9. steph2011

    Excellence Riviera Cancun

    Hello Ladies, It seems as though there is a lot of different information being told to everyone by Nayeli. I recently asked her about using another photographer and she said the price is $500!!! There was no mention of a per person charge, simply $500 flat. I think that is outrageous and I don't like how they are trying to force us to use the resort photographer. She did mention something about a recent local union, so I wonder if this is the reason. I'm pretty frustrated, so I'm hoping my travel agent is able to shed some light on the subject or possibly get me some more information. Best of luck to everyone.
  10. There is another thread on here for websites. If you search "wedding website" in the search box, a couple of links should come up. I think the best thing for me was to look at other websites that people made and they will let you "borrow" their ideas. One bride in particular, Coconoir1908, has an incredible website that I used for inspiration. Maybe send her a private message, or you can find her site info on the "Wedding Website?" thread. Best of luck!
  11. What are everyone's thoughts about having your MOH in a different color dress? I only have three girls in my party, so I am trying to decide if I should have them all in one color or not. My colors are turquoise and coral, so my MOH may wear turquoise and the other two would wear coral. I am having trouble deciding. Please help. Also, if you were already married and had your MOH in a different color, do you mind posting some pictures??? Thank you so much everyone!
  12. These are amazing!!! Thank you SO much for sharing all of this. It is super helpful.
  13. Jmastr05, Great idea using your bridesmaid bouquets. It looked really nice! Thanks for sharing
  14. LanaM, Your centerpieces are beautiful! Did you make them yourself?