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  1. These are what I am wearing for my ceremony. Turquoise is one of my wedding colors and I am also using this as something blue!
  2. I am getting married at Bucuti on May 19th of this year. I always knew i wanted to do a destination wedding but did not know where. One of my clients got married at Bucuti and loved it, said she wouldnt change a thing. Nashette the wedding planner is amazing as well. Bucuti is also adults only and mainly a couples resort. If ur looking for a more private and quiet beach with no kids I hear Bucuti is the place to go!
  3. You are getting married one week before me! i am getting married May 19th at Bucuti!
  4. I had my eye on this one for a while! Very pretty! I actually ended up going with another one in the end, but this one is gorgeous!
  5. Next to the search bar, click the options thing that allows you to search for like handmade stuff or vintage and there is a option that says search shops and type in whenlovehappens all one word!
  6. Hi! Her name is Joan. Her store on etsy is whenlovehappens. Let me know if you find her!
  7. Very pretty!!! I love that sash. I also bought my gown and added a very small sash to it at the bridal store. When i went to order the dress and and purchase the sash, the sash was $450.00 !!!! There was no way i was spending that on a little piece of fabric, apparently it cost this much because it was silk. I found this lady on etsy, (whenlovehappens) she is an older lady from CA who makes bridal sashes and hair flower accessories for the day also. I sent her a picture of the sash, the bridal store actually let me take a picture since I was buying the dress, and the lady said she could match that perfectly. She is making me a sash and also a flower to put in my hair that matches the flower on the sash for a total of $82.00 with shipping!!!! She will also allow you to pay 50% of your payment until she is finished with your sash and sends you pictures so you are sure you like it, then you will pay the rest! Hope this helps!
  8. I have not bought any dresses online before. I saw some of those sites when I was looking for my wedding dress and the thought actually crossed my mind because they definitely are listed for soooo cheap! But I was worried that maybe it's kind of a knock off of the actual designer, and for myself I wouldn't really mind, but I am probably planning on selling mine afterwards so I definitely wanted the real thing. I would just be worried of the quality of the dress, like the fabric and stuff, especially when you go to make alterations with it. So for me I would probably only order it from the actual designer.
  9. awesome job! I actually got the same idea from another girl on here that did the mailing box the same and ever since i saw hers I wanted to do mine just like that. I am actually in the process of ordering all my stuff, I should get some shipments in today hopefully and already bought some stuff @ michaels. They actually have been out of the MIB from sandartsupplies, they said they won't get any in for about another 2-3 weeks! Great job again!!!
  10. Our wedding we are guessing with everything will cost no more than 12,000 total. This includes DW in Aruba and AHR and all that comes with the wedding. The only thing we have no figured in yet is our spending money down there because our resort is not an AI. I know if we stayed at home and had a wedding here, we would probably spend close to 25,000.
  11. Thanks! ..actually the diamond was given to us from my fiance's mom, which was super nice of her, and he had the ring made at jared. He did a great job, i like it because is kinda different.
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