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  1. I agree with the cardigans!! It was breezy at night (again, I was dealing with a hurricane/tropical storm). There were a few nights I was glad I had a light sweater to throw over my dress!
  2. I also did not pay until the Saturday morning of the wedding. We met with Claudia on Wednesday to go over final details. (And since we were dealing with a hurricane, we met again on Fri for a final number count). I only needed one corsage, so traded the rest for flowers for my hair and my bridesmaids (and she gave me extras for two of of my friends). I also had gazebo decor and asked that she move it to use as centerpieces (I had six tables), so I only ended up purchasing 3 centerpieces which was nice. She also added cute little seashells around the table which was a nice touch, I thought. She also gave us a TON of extra food on our buffet which was awesome!!! The food was excellent, all my guests loved it. One thing I wish I would have done, was ask that the "appetizer portion" of the buffet be served later in the evening. Once we pulled the food, they only thing left was dessert and I just wish I would have had "late night" snacks. However, there is 24 hour room service! I was also told that the outside vendor fee was $100, but that could have changed. We stayed in the tower, in a one bedroom suite. It was on the 15th floor. The views were amazing and we had two balconies. The only difference I saw with the two buildings were, that the Pyramid is smaller (not as many floors), so guests that had ocean view could hear the waves, which I love. In the tower, obviously the higher you go, the less you can here the ocean. We couldn't at all, but our room was so big (we also had two bathrooms), it made up for it. The tower also has its own front desk, concierges, pool, beach and continental breakfast. It was nice because it wasn't as crowded. But honestly, the only time I used the pool was the day of the wedding. I told the guys that they had to stay on the pyramid side, which is where Claudia gave Scott his room for the day. But some of my guests liked the Tower side for the beach as it is way more relaxing and quiet. I believe that there is no difference with the symbolic ceremony and legal ceremony, in terms of what the pastor, judge (whatever he was) says. We chose not to do legal because it was extra $, sometimes the judge does not speak English (and you need a translator). Mostly because all of your documents are issued in Spanish and you have to pay and wait for them to be translated. I went to wedding in Cabo last October and our friends waited almost a year for all of their documents to prove that they were legally married. We didn't tell any of our guests that it wasn't "legal" and they were none the wiser. We stilled signed a marriage document and did everything just as if it was legal.
  3. Hi- You definitely do not need a dance floor for the Terrace!! It is perfect for dancing and a great way to save some money!! We had the DJ (Dreams vendor) and he was amazing!! His name was Rodrigo. I spoke with him a few times before we went down there. He sent a sheet to be filled out (1st dance song, father/daughter song, etc.) before we arrived. And he met us during our meeting with Claudia. I would highly recommend using him. We are dancing people and wanted to party and he made all that happen. AMAZING!!! Well worth the money!! My ceremony was originally at 4, but since the weather was so crazy when we were there, Claudia had us move it up to 3:30. The whole thing was about 35-45 minutes the symbolic). After wards we did some group shots and then Scott and I went off for our own pictures. The cocktail hour still started at 5pm. But, I believe that they served drinks before that and everything was set up, they just brought the food out at about 5ish. Scott and I were done with pictures and were able to make the last 15-20 mins of the cocktail hour. We had the Mexican trio play for the second half, so we were able to enjoy them too. We then flowed right into dinner/dancing. I thought it was perfect timing and I don't think my guests were worried about standing around with nothing to do. Hope this helps. Also, I have been trying to work on my review, but I am back to work with crazy hours. If anyone has any questions, please email me, cancunwedding10.29.11@gmail.com. That is the best way to get a hold of me and I would be more than willing to let you know my experience or help out!!
  4. Hi Girls!! I am back. Just arrived home late last night. Will work on my review etc. In the mean time, friend me on FB Meghan Leeming Nenninger. I have tons of pics. But let me say.... My wedding was everything I dreamed of and YES, we survived what was a hurricane category 2, then a category 1, then finally a tropical storm. The nerves were about shot by my wedding day. However, all but 7 guests (of 64) made it, I got my wedding gazebo, cocktail hour outside, and photos. Only thing was moving the dinner and reception inside the club terrace. Still beautiful and perfect (a tad hot though). Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts , I know you girls helped with that! Also, please be patient, those of you waiting on questions. Honestly, after a the tropical storm, there was a lot a maintenance that had to get done, a lot of weddings still happening, but waiting to the last minute etc. Give them a chance to respond. I saw 5 weddings (besides my own) the week I was there. They are busy!!!!!!!!!!!!! But they are awesome!!!!!
  5. Oh good!! We will be there at the same time!! We should try to meet up, to at least have a cocktail together!! I arrive on Monday. I think you are in on Wed?? We meet with Claudia that morning. Let me know... WE can try and figure something out!!
  6. Hi Guys!!! OMG!!!! I leave in 1 week from today!!! I cannot believe it. Now my new stress is the weather. I am freaking about and stalking the webcam at Dreams and the weather channel. Just an FYI, for the new brides just beginning to plan. If anyone is doing koozies, Barry Promos does a great job and very good prices. HOWEVER, be aware that he was slow as dirt on getting the produced and delivered. He missed 3 shipment dates. So, I would order far in advance.
  7. So, I decided on the pajamas. I found cute yellow ones (yellow is color). They were on sale at Old Navy and they had flip flops for 99 cents!!! So, I think I am done (with that project, anyway).
  8. I do not have Juan either since he is no longer the preferred vendor for Dreams. Hopefully this guy/girl will be just as good.
  9. 19 days and counting down!! I can't believe it!! What is everyone getting their bridesmaids for gifts?? I am treating my girls to a spa manicure and pedicure on Friday morning, but I still wanted to get them a little something else. But I defiantly want it to be something they will use. I was thinking about cute pj's that are all kind of "matchy" and we can all wear them while we are getting ready... I don't know. This is hard, since it has to be something easy to travel with!! Let me know if you have any ideas! Thanks.
  10. OMG, I am leaving in 22 days!!! I cannot believe it!!!!!! I booked all of my salon appointments last week. My mom and Aunt, and Scott's step mom are getting their hair and makeup done, 1 of my bridesmaids is getting her make up done and I am getting my make up done (One of my friend's and hairdresser is doing our hair). I also booked 6 mani and pedis for Friday morning. I just sent an email to the Spa telling them what I wanted and about what times I would like. Make sure you tell them it is for a wedding (any appointments that are not relevant to wedding (hair, make up). They emailed my back within 48 hours with all my appointments scheduled and a confirmation. So, i did about 4 weeks out. So, the sooner the better, I would say! Here is the address: spa1.drecu@dreamsresorts.com Also, some people were asking about Christian.... He is the one that responded, not sure if it is the same one.
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